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Peter Kaujju

KCCA Spokesperson Kaujju Officially Tenders in Resignation Letter

by KP
posted onJune 15, 2020

Peter Kaujju, Head of Public and Corporate Affairs who doubles as the KCCA Spokesperson has officially tendered in his resignation letter.

According to communication from KCCA official website, Kaujju issued a notice of resignation from this position effective June 30, 2020 after 9 monumental years of service at the Authority. Kaujju is reportedly joining UMEME as the spokesperson.

He joined KCCA in 2011 as a Communications Supervisor in the Public and Corporate Affairs (PCA) Office and has risen through the ranks over the years until to-date where he’s been serving as the Head of Public and Corporate Affairs Department of the Executive Office.

Under his tenure, Kaujju was instrumental in successfully establishing KCCA’s brand voice and guiding Management on formulation of a coherent Communications Strategy as well as its execution — in the media, relations with our development partners, members of the diplomatic Corps and a larger percentage of the Public while leading the Communications function of the Institution — a pillar on which the Institution is and will be hinged for the years to come. Despite his momentous achievements, Kaujju has been criticized especially by journalists for being “hard to reach” for comments.

His resignation comes days after President Yoweri Museveni made changes in the KCCA top leadership which among others affected Acting KCCA ED Andrew Kitaka who has been replaced by Dorothy Kisaka who is the current presidential advisor at the Office of the Prime Minister.

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