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Minister Peter Ogwang (L) receives office from Molly Kamukama

Minister Ogwang takes New Office, Pledges to Track Non-Performing Loans

by KP
posted onJune 24, 2021

State Minister for Economic Monitoring in the Office of the President, Peter Ogwang has this afternoon received office from the outgoing minister Molly Kamukama.

Ogwang, the former State minister for ICT received instruments of power in a ceremony presided over by the Hajji Yunus Kakande, the Permanent Secretary/ Secretary, Office of the President. In his maiden speech as State minister for Economic Monitoring, Ogwang pledged to fast track creation of dashboards to track and ensure effective economic monitoring of government programs.

“Mine is a consultative leadership. I will support the unit in achieving NRM Manifesto, and effective service delivery etc. To achieve effective economic monitoring of government programs, it's important to have a dashboard for all government projects. Every Financial Year, Parliament appropriates money, so we need to track the performance on each and every coin that is appropriated,” Ogwang said.

He cited out an aspect of non-performing loans in MDAs as a major problem affecting service delivery in the country. “There are lots of non-performing loans in our Ministries and other agencies; we also need a dashboard to track how these loans are performing,” he said.

Ogwang making his maiden speech as State minister for Economic Monitoring
Ogwang making his maiden speech as State minister for Economic Monitoring

Ogwang also called for need to conduct quarterly reviews on government projects and budgetary allocations saying this will reduce audit reports which go to Parliament. He also thanked the outgoing minister Kamukama for piloting several initiatives to strengthen monitoring of government business, saying he will pick up from where she stopped.

The Secretary to the Office of the President, Hajji Kakande congratulated Ogwang for winning the 2021 elections for Ngariam Constituency and his subsequent appointment as a minister. He cited challenges of inadequate funds as a major hiccup in their oversight role and asked the new minister to lobby for more funds if they are to execute their mandate effectively.

In her speech, Kamukama expressed confidence and trust in Ogwang saying he will perfectly ensure effective monitoring of government projects some of which have collapsed without value for money.

“This is an ethical team of people that you are finding here. They are very hardworking people who work in a difficult environment. There is no need why government should borrow monies or tax Ugandans and money goes to waste. I trust you Peter and I am proud and privileged to be handing over to you,” Kamukama said.

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