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MK Movement Leaders Launch Diaspora Chapter in London

posted onApril 3, 2023

The MK Movement National Vice Chairman for Western Uganda, Balaam Barugahara, led the launch of the first-ever MK Movement Diaspora Chapter and leadership structure in London, United Kingdom on Saturday.

The event attracted hundreds of Gen Kainerugaba supporters from different parts of the United Kingdom and took place at Royal Regency in London.

The MK Movement is a group of Ugandans, both in and out of the country, who are laying the groundwork for Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to become the next President of Uganda.

During the commissioning, Mr. Balaam Barugahara, who was accompanied by Igara East MP Hon Michael Mawanda, who is also a member of the MK Movement leadership, praised the organizers for their contribution to building a better Uganda. Barugahara commended the team for their efforts and encouraged them to continue mobilizing support for Gen Kainerugaba.

“I want to thank the team which has organized this historic event. The start is always hard but you have started in a big way. This is a firm brick you have put to building our country. Our boss, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the next President of Uganda, greets you and recognizes all these efforts,” Barugahara said on Saturday.

“He (Gen Kainerugaba) is ready, determined and prepared to take over from where our grandfather will stop. He is the future of the young generation, understands its needs and is up to task to lead it for the better,” he added.

On his part, Hon Mawanda said there's no need for people to be fence sitters, urging everyone to come out and show support for Gen Kainerugaba.

He said he is a good example, being an NRM MP but also a Frontline supporter of Gen MK's presidential bid.

Gen Kainerugaba has severally affirmed that he intends to be on the ballot as a presidential candidate at Uganda's next election which happens in 2026.

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