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MPs pay tribute to Faith Alupo

MPs Pay Tribute to Late Pallisa Woman MP Alupo

posted onSeptember 22, 2020

Members of Parliament have Tuesday paid tribute to fallen Pallisa Woman MP Faith Alupo.

Alupo,36, passed away at Mulago Hospital last week with her death being attributed to COVID-19 while others say she died of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kirunda Kivejinja, 2nd Deputy Prime Minister on Tuesday moved the motion to pay tribute to Alupo revealing the former Pallisa Woman MP who was pregnant at the time of her death, was receiving treatment for high blood pressure and diabetes.

MPs asked government to come out clear on the cause o Alupo’s death.

“We call upon Government to be clear on death related to COVID-19 because I listened together from Kivejinja he never talked about the cause of death and I think it would be clear for Government to tell us what has killed our sister Alupo. And what has killed our friend should define why her husband is at the quarantine at such a time when we would have words of encouragement?” Geoffrey Macho (Busia Municipality) said.

Robert Kasule (Nansana Municipality) described the deceased as friendly, calm and willing to learn, while Jenepher Namuyangu, Minister of State for Local Government said Alupo was loyal to the NRM party.

“She attended a meeting in Kyankwanzi though she was in labour pains. In fact, she started feeling labour pains in Kyankwanzi. She had a lot of humility,” she said.

MPs paid tribute to Alupo in the absence of her family especially her husband who is currently in quarantine.

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