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Mike Mukula (in blue) Chairman Arrow Security Systems hands over a dummy cheque to Corporal Hannington Agaba (UWA Ranger). Courtesy photo

Mukula’s Arrow Security Firm Rewards UWA Ranger for Single-handedly Rescuing Bundibugyo Flood Victims

posted onDecember 20, 2019

By Max Patrick Ocaido

Corporal Hannington Agaba, a Community Conservation Ranger with Uganda Wildlife Authority in Semuliki National Park has been given a cash prize of Shs2million for his heroism act when he braved fast-moving water to rescue flood victims in Bundibugyo recently.

Agaba was filmed carrying the elderly and babies on his back in deadly floods that claimed over 20 lives about two weeks ago.

On Friday, Arrow Security Systems, a private security company handed Agaba the cash prize for braving the floods to save lives. The prize handover function was held at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters in Kampala.

Receiving his cash reward, Agaba narrated that on the fateful day he was supervising restoration works in the area when he heard cries from locals that prompted him to respond, since he knew it had rained the previous night.

"I was on another duty in the morning when I heard an alarm and i had to move towards the noise. I found people struck in volumes of water. I was helped by a chappati man and I thank God that in that area no one died though over 20 died in other places," he said adding that he did what he did because he couldn't just stand and watch people die in water.

"I promise to conserve not only animals but humans too. Whereas I was trained on how to survive in water, I never even thought about the training at that time. But i knew i was not supposed to move legs anyhow in fast-moving water. It would have been traumatizing to see someone die when i am watching," he said.

Agaba thanked UWA for the training which enabled him carry out such a heroic act even when he was not deployed to do so. He also thanked Arrow Security for the token of appreciation and urged every person to help in whatever capacity they have to save lives.

Capt Mike Mukula, the chairperson of Arrow Security commended Agaba for such a brave act and promised to reach out to the President to reward him (Agaba).

"When we saw the efforts carried out by a great patriot, a great nationalist, we decided to give him a small token of appreciation of Shs 2million as part of our corporate social responsibility. He risked his life even when he was not deployed to do so. He is a hero not only in Uganda but worldwide. Agaba remained relentless and i was humbled to see him carry babies and old women on his back on fast moving waters," Mukula said.

"As Arrow Security, we have decided to appreciate Agaba. He was not called to do so but it was humanity and inner feeling. Am sure even the President has watched this and at an appropriate time i will bring it to his attention."

It is not the first time Arrow Security has appreciated such heroic people. Last year, they rewarded a female traffic police officer who was knocked down by a boda boda while on duty but still got on her feet to guide the traffic.

UWA Acting Director Conservation John Makombo also lauded Agaba and promised to promote him to a better rank in the shortest time possible.

"You people have been knowing UWA as one that cares for animals but we also care for people and this has been demonstrated by Agaba. He was not deployed to do so but he did it at his own will through his training. Agaba has been very hardworking. He was deployed at the airport in the K9 department and he did a good job. We are also glad to partner with Arrow security," he said.

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