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Museveni Reveals Mobutu, Bashir and Kabila Support for ADF

posted onDecember 28, 2023

In a statement issued by President Yoweri Museveni, he addressed the issue of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels and their misguided ambitions to turn Uganda into a country ruled by Islamic Law (Sharia).

The president expressed his disbelief that the ADF would attempt to disrupt the peaceful coexistence of different religious groups in the country.

The president highlighted the long-standing harmony among different religious groups in Uganda, particularly in the Ntungamo region, where Muslims and non-Muslims have lived peacefully together for many years. He emphasized that the ADF's attempts to impose Sharia law on Uganda were not only misguided but also a sign of their lack of seriousness and understanding of Ugandan society.

President Museveni also revealed that the ADF rebels were supported by former leaders such as Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo and Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. He detailed the rebels' failed attempts to infiltrate Uganda, including a notable attack in 1996 that resulted in heavy casualties for the ADF.

The president also pointed out that the ADF rebels had been aided by the government of President Joseph Kabila in Congo, allowing them to reside freely in Eastern Congo and engage in criminal activities such as robbery, illegal mining, and timber cutting.

In his statement, President Museveni condemned the ADF rebels and their supporters, emphasizing that Uganda will not be turned into a Sharia state and that the government will continue to take action against any threats to the country's peace and stability.

The president's strong words shed light on the ADF rebels' futile attempts to disrupt Uganda's social fabric and serve as a warning to those who seek to undermine the country's unity and harmony.

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