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President Museveni chats with Speaker Kadaga and Pastor Tom Ngobi of  World Revival Church. PPU photo

Museveni Urges Christians to Use Government Projects to Develop

posted onOctober 13, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni encourages Christians and all Ugandans in general to utilize the resources and projects that the Government has set up to develop themselves.

“My daughters were married but now they have to run their families. They cannot call me to help run their families. NRM made you a family by constructing for you roads and markets. Use the projects and resources in place and develop yourselves,” he said.

The President made the remarks on Saturday during celebrations to mark two years of the World Revival Centre Church. The function took place at Main Street Primary School playgrounds in Jinja Municipality Jinja District. The occasion was also staged to fundraise for the construction of the World Revival Centre Church Cathedral.

The President contributed Shs.80 million towards the construction project. He also donated Shs.20 million to the World Revival Christian Youth SACCO. Museveni also assured the people of Jinja District that he would soon hold meetings with sugarcane growers and market operators. He appreciated the growth in both Pentecostal and traditional Christian Churches, noting that this was due to their peaceful co-existence in the country.

Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga thanked President Museveni for attending the function. She noted that it was because of the peace that the President brought into the country that has made Jinja Municipality a tourist destination as evidenced by the visit of delegates from the recently concluded Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. The delegates toured different tourism destinations in Jinja District.

The Overseer of the World Revival Church, Pastor Tom Ngobi commended President Museveni for the good leadership and the freedom of worship in the country. “The Born Again community would not exist without you. You stood your ground and fought for us. Thank you for honoring God and fearing Him. We will uphold you in prayer such that you remain wherever you are,” he said.

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