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charles byanyima

Nakasongola District Leadership Donates Ambulance to UPDF Hospital

Brig Byanyima also told the gathering that the district has an airfield, a lake, 13 petrol stations, and 15 factories, something that is unique to the Central region district
posted onOctober 20, 2021

Nakasongola Military Hospital has received a new Ambulance from the District leadership to boost the health services at the health facility that serves soldiers and the general public. 

While handing over the ambulance to the military leadership at the Nakasongola Military Cantonment, Mr. Sam Kigula, the Nakasongola District LCV chairman hailed the UPDF leadership for their civil-military relations.

Mr. Kigula explained that it is because of the good relationship exhibited by the military hospital to the civilians that the district leadership decided to donate the Ambulance.

charles byanyima

He shared a story about a time he was contacted after some critical patients were ignored at a civilian health facility after which he contacted the military hospital which came to the rescue.

"I called Afande (Charles) Byanyima and he told me to bring the patients to the military hospital. It took me three trips to drive the patients in my own car to the military hospital and they were worked on very well. I am told that since then, they have always sought treatment at the military facility," Mr. Kigula said, adding that, it is for this reason that I decided that this Ambulance should be stationed here (military hospital).

The Ambulance was received by the Motorised Infantry Brigade (MOI) Commander Brig Gen Charles Byanyima on behalf of the UPDF.

Speaking at the occasion, Brig Byanyima conveyed regards from the Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was invited but couldn't attend as he was engaged with other duties.

Brig Byanyima (R) receives the Ambulances keys from the Nakaseke District LCV chairman, Mr Sam Kigula

Brig Byanyima thanked the district leaders and the people of Nakaseke for the good relationship with the UPDF, noting that the district and the entire Luwero triangle have a great bond with the Ugandan revolution.

"There is a good relationship between Nakaseke and the revolution and we want to maintain it and even take it to another level," Brig Byanyima noted.

The MOI Brigade Commander noted that Nakaseke is a unique and rich district that is home to all 56 tribes of Uganda, only rivaled by Kiryadongo with 54, something he said makes the district strong on account of intermarriages between the various Ugandan tribes. 

Brig Byanyima also told the gathering that the district has an airfield, a lake, 13 petrol stations, and 15 factories, something that is unique to the Central region district.

Mr Darius Dandinda, the Resident District Commissioner who was the chief guest applauded Brig Byanyima for the vast knowledge about the district, noting that none of his officers including the DPC or OC had bothered to know the crucial numbers that define the district.

Mr Nandinda hailed the UPDF for its role in developing the nation and pledged to work with the district leadership to fight corruption which he said remains the only impediment to development.

The event was attended by several district leaders including the CAO, DEO, DISO, DPC among others

"We have now achieved sustainable development and we can stand on our own if we manage well. The only problem now is corruption and I promise to work with the chairman to fight corruption. I heard that a year passes without anyone being arrested for corruption yet people continue to steal public funds," Mr Nandinda who was recently transferred from Kabale district exclaimed.

"An RDC hasn't sanctioned the arrest of anyone and you think you are working yet people are stealing?" Nandinda wondered.

The function was concluded with a tour of the Nakasongola Army Primary School which was recently refurbished with support from the district local government.

The district leadership pledged to work on various roads around the Nakaseke Military Cantonment as a sign of appreciation for the role of the UPDF in the area and across the country.



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