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Jacob Oulanyah

Oulanyah tips West Nile leaders on unity, infrastructure

posted onSeptember 19, 2020

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s tour of duty in the Greater North has ended with a call on West Nile leaders to unite and benefit from the expanding infrastructure.

Oulanyah said West Nile is strategically located in a corridor between South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, both of which, he said, presents vast opportunities for trade.

A lasting solution to challenges of some road networks and electricity, said Oulanyah, will be a thing of the past.

“On the future of Moyo-Yumbe-Koboko road, the contract has already been awarded; that road has to be worked on and I will be part of the team that wlll get it done,” he said, on plans to rehabilitate that dilapidated road.

On electricity connections, the Deputy Speaker said: “The power grid should not be one of your worries because the contract has also been awarded.”

Oulanyah hailed President Museveni for transforming the area, saying his efforts to develop the region has been consistent and not encumbered by politics.

“He [President Museveni] creates road networks, not caring whether you are opposition or not; he works for the whole country without discrimination,” he said.

Creating avenues for divisive politics, he cautioned, will deny the region a united bargaining power and a fair chance to organise for development.

Oulanyah also inspected ongoing construction works at the 20,000 seater Arua Stadium, which upon completion will house apartments, banks, shops and a four-star hotel. It has also been designed to host international football games.

Oulanyah was accompanied by MPs Mourine Osoru (NRM, Arua), Bernard Atiku (IND, Ayivu) and Alli Ogama Ismail (NRM, Lower Madi). Oulanyah’s tour of duty started in Lira, through Gulu to now Arua, where he emphasized the central message of unity and hard work.

President Museveni’s Political Assistant Ms Milly Babirye Babalanda, was in attendance. Ms Babalanda said President Museveni rues a divided Arua City, adding that government’s efforts in creating the city was not intended to create avenues for unprincipled politics founded on division and hate.

Last month, Oulanyah was voted the ruling National Resistance Movement Vice Chairperson for Northern Region, under the auspices of which the recent activities have been held.

Source: Parilament

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