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Police Clampdown on Online Blackmailers

posted onSeptember 17, 2022

One of the biggest impediments to social good for most successful African people is the fear of exposure of their names and identity to social media and online abuse.

Governments across Africa have done much in legislation to try and curb this menace.

However, the absence of effective prosecutions means the public is still unaware of the consequences of writing defamatory articles about individuals or brands and assuming the role of whistleblowers, investigative journalists, judge and jury to the image of people who labored for decades to become who they are in life.  

At the very least, they are happily demonstrating the long-held African vice called “pull down syndrome,” where the joy of satanic proportion is seen in the downfall of very successful people. 

On a more sinister level, they use defamation to obtain funds in the name of removing the articles or use them to destroy competition to their business or market interests. 

One person who has had to deal with these menacing attacks countlessly over the past decade is the trailblazing founder of the Resurrected Black Wall Street and Creator of Compassionate Capitalism, Charles N. Lambert. A person who dedicated decades of his life to achieving economic independence for Africa has seen the same people he has given jobs and opportunities turn around and slander him with unfounded accusations. 

Lambert ignored these attacks for over a decade, and his PR team spent millions on damage control because he said he was still too busy for them.

However, that phase is now over, and collaboration has been enacted with International Police to ensure a more enabling environment for Africa’s successful people (not just Lambert) to thrive without fear of defamation, libel, blackmail, and the like. 

The series of arrests and prosecutions have only just begun. 

Consequently, the Police have arrested a one Mohan, a former BWS employee who attempted to extort money from his former employer. He is currently behind bars in Luzira prison.

Available informatiom shows that Mohan (Pictured) is one of the architects of defamatory articles against Charles N. Lambert

Editor’s note:  If you are a successful African and have suffered defamation, libel, or social media abuse and desire to get justice, email and help will be available to you.  

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