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Joint Security forces

Police Warns against Planned Bodaboda Lockdown Riots

posted onJune 7, 2020

The Joint Security Forces have received intelligence about unscrupulous people who want to cause mayhem in the Kampala Metropolitan Area and other urban areas such as Mbarara, Jinja, Kasese, Mityana etc.

According to a statement issued by Police spokesperson Fred Enanga on behalf of security spokespersons on COVID-19 taskforce, these alleged unscrupulous people claiming to be bodaboda cyclists are planning riots tomorrow, Monday aimed at stampeding government to prematurely allow bodaboda operators to resume normal operations, despite the systematic easing of the lockdown by government on the recommendations of the health experts.

“It should be noted that there already many reports of the bodabodas violating directives by carrying passengers and also flouting the curfew guidelines, among others. This is definitely wrong as it puts the operators in danger as well as their passengers, families, and the community,” Enanga said.

“Today, the Joint leadership of the security forces interacted with selected leaders of the bodaboda industry and took the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges. Resulting from this understanding, the Joint Security Forces assured the bodaboda leaders that their concerns will be forwarded to the National Task Force in order to come up with a road-map and modalities for the full normalization of the bodaboda operations.”

Enanga added that security forces are well prepared to deal with planned riots. President Yoweri Museveni in his presidential addresses shut down several sectors of the economy including public transport. However, on June 01, the President started a gradual process of ease down where he among others allowed public transport to operate on half capacity as bodaboda remain limited to carrying only cargo.

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