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Prince V

Prince V Supports St. Lillian Children's Home on International Women's Day

posted onMarch 9, 2023

Vianey Sserubambula, aka Prince V, the founder of  Prince Vianey Initiative, spent International Women's Day with special needs kids at St. Lillian Children's Home in Gayaza.

Prince V, who has always supported the children's home, said that he is saddened by the increasing cases of child neglect, especially special needs children.

He also observed that some mothers have reached the point of dropping the kids at the gates of orphanages and the rest hide them out of shame. "These children are like those we consider normal and they have a right to education, proper medical care, good feeding, and a right to play," he said.

Prince V's Charity donated first aid and fire fighting equipment to St. Lillian Children's Home. Prince V urged people to support orphanages with fire fighting equipment, citing an incident last year where a child, who was a beneficiary of his organization, was among those that died at Salama School for the Blind in Mukono. Damalie Nalwoga, who was also a resident of St. Lillian Home was the best violinist at the home. "We have added a day to our annual charity calendar called Damalie day and she will always be remembered every year," he said.

Away from charity work, Prince V has also written two books: The 300 Quotes on Starting to Live Again and The Joy of Redemption.

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