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SafeBoda suspends operations in Kenya, citing unsustainability

posted onNovember 16, 2020

Uganda-grown ride-hailing firm SafeBoda announced suspension of its operations in Kenya, citing the effects of Covid-19 restrictions on its operations.

The company says the decision will take effect on November 27. It did not say when operations would resume.

“While Nairobi s seeing some economic recovery from Covid-19, Boda transportation has been hit hard,” reads an official statement.

“This has meant our business cannot sustainably operate in this environment and unfortunately the timeline for a full recovery is not certain.”

SafeBoda, which had been in Kenya for two years now, said the “decision was a hard one… to make.”

According to the statement, they had grown riders to over 4000 and the passengers had grown to appreciate the service.

“Over the past two year, our customers enjoyed the SafeBoda service and completed millions of rides in Nairobi,” officials said.

The company will use the time until the suspension of the service to promote its drivers so the “customers [can] use their remaining wallet balances to take rides or send packages.”

According to local media, in the recent past drivers had started misbehaving by inflating charges and refusing to follow what the app is reflecting, others wouldn’t pick calls, all this because their commissions had been cut.

This habit has also become pervasive in Uganda.

SafeBoda says it will continue to grow its operations in Uganda and Nigeria.

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