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Police Spokesman SCP Fred Enanga

Step Father Wanted for Child Kidnap, Murder of Stepson

posted onApril 3, 2024

The territorial police in KMP North and Wakiso CPS are hunting for one Vincent Ssekanjako, a 40-year-old, step-father and casual worker of Temangalo village in Wakiso, for the alleged murder of his 3-year-old, step-son, Muwanguzi Muyige, on March 26 as revenge, following separation with his mother.

According to Police Spokesman SCP Fred Enanga, the facts gathered indicate that the suspect was staying with Florence Nakintu as husband and wife, where her son was 1 year old. However, on March 25, they got into misunderstandings after the wife established that her husband had stolen a mobile phone, TV and Shs100,000 from their house which led to a fight.

This forced the wife to leave the home with her 3-year-old son and went to stay with her friend at Temangalo Trading Center. The following day, on March 26, the suspect went and pleaded with her to return home. During that process, he went with his stepson to go and buy soda but disappeared with him.

The mother got concerned, at around 10pm after waiting for them in vain. She alerted other members of the community and an immediate search was conducted. The body of the victim was recovered in a room next to their house. The victim was struck to the head by the stepfather using a sharp object, killing him instantly. The suspect who is on the run, had mapped out and participated in the brutal kidnapping and murder of the step-son.

"When such grievous crimes are committed like this," Enanga said, "it shows the dangers that vulnerable children still face in our society. We are going to concert our efforts, to track down the suspect and ensure he is brought to face justice. We will not stop until he is arrested."

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