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Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah (L) and Minister Godfrey Kiwanda at the ANC 2019 meeting. Courtesy photo

Ugandan MPs in Israel to Pray for Peaceful 2021 Elections

posted onOctober 7, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

As the country prepares for general elections in 2021, a group of Legislators under the leadership of Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah have prayed for reconciliation in the run up to elections.

Twelve Lawmakers are in Jerusalem, Israel attending the All Nations Convocation. Kabweri County MP Francis Gonahasa who made the prayer request during the Christian Government Leaders summit on Sunday, said Ugandans require truthfulness during the election period.

He said that to achieve this, leaders need to return to serving according to the Motto, 'For God and my country'. "We have been selfish and corrupt. The best we can do is repent and return to God," he emphasized, adding that Uganda is a Christian country and can only be rebuilt by honoring the Motto.

Oulanyah said that praying for Uganda in Israel is significant because the country has a strong spiritual foundation. "We came back to reconnect. When you find yourself getting lost, you go back. We are here to find our bearings right and serve the Lord better so that our countries can prosper," Oulanyah said.

He  applauded Israel for its continued ties with Uganda, saying that the two countries are bound together by the River Nile. "The Nile flows from the South to the North and waters Israel. Those of you who have not been to Uganda, visit and get blessings while those of us who are here have come to get blessings," he said.

The President of the All Nations Convocation, Tom Hess encouraged the Ugandan government leadership to continuously engage in prayers for their nation. "I am happy that we have many leaders from Uganda, may be next year the numbers will even increase," he said. The All Nations Convocation is an annual event held in Jerusalem, Israel and brings together government and religious leaders worldwide to pray for their countries.

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