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Uganda’s Strat Bridal Relocates as it Marks 5 Years of Timeless Elegance

posted onSeptember 19, 2023

Strat Bridal, an esteemed purveyor of luxury bridal couture, has marked a significant milestone in its journey of curating extraordinary bridal experiences by being a one stop center for any bride’s dream wedding gown. Since its inception in 2018, Strat Bridal, a Ugandan bridal store, has epitomized elegance and celebration, offering an unparalleled selection of opulent bridal gowns meticulously sourced from internationally acclaimed wedding designers who have graced renowned fashion runways across the globe.

As the exclusive stockist of prestigious brands such as Pollardi Fashion Group, Vladiyan Royal, Ida Torez, Oksana Mukha, Daria Karlozi, and Anna Sposa, the brand has had the distinct honor of collaborating with luminaries in the fashion industry, including the likes of Michael Cinco, Alonuko, and Safir Paris. These partnerships ensure a level of excellence that is simply unmatched for their cherished brides.

Speaking about the 5-year journey, Start Bridal – Founder, Tracy Kakuru Otatiina conveyed her jubilation, saying, "Leading the creation of a luxurious bridal boutique that showcases some of the world’s most esteemed bridal brands in the East African region has been a dream come true.” She added, “Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of immersing myself in the bridal industry, forging relationships with esteemed designers, and attending international bridal fashion shows, all to position our brand at the forefront of modernity and excitement for our brides. I am deeply passionate about brides, profoundly inspired by bridal couture, and hold dear the pivotal role we play in each bride’s unique wedding journey. I am also thrilled to unveil our new location."

Strat Bridal also embarked on an exciting new chapter with a relocation to a spacious and enhanced venue at TMT Atrium, Bukoto, Kampala, an expansive yet intimate space meticulously designed to empower brides to radiate confidence and grace on their special day. The new home is nestled within the TMT Atrium building in Bukoto, Kampala, Uganda, places its exceptional products and services even closer to its esteemed clientele. “This momentous occasion also heralds the debut of a fresh brand identity, complete with a new logo, and the highly anticipated unveiling of their exclusive collection from the illustrious Barcelona Bridal Week 2024,” Ms. Kakuru concluded. The Grand Opening event was a resplendent All-white glam affair, graced exclusively by invitees, including Uganda's most esteemed and influential fashion figures and personalities.

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