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UPDATE: Uchaguzi app now available on both App Store and Google Play

posted onJanuary 8, 2021

The developers of Uchaguzi, the digital platform through which information on the voting process can be accessed, say the application is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

The application, which is a brainchild of Government Citizen's Interaction Centre (GCIC), was developed to boost voter education.

Uchaguzi through its various channels (website, apps and a chatbot) allows you to get information on presidential candidates, Members of Parliament (MPs) and all vital data related to the 2021 electoral process.

The information used on these platforms is sourced from the Electoral Commission (EC). Kampala Post understands that the platforms come with data protection safeguards.

Anna Reismann, the country director of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Uganda and South Sudan, which sponsored the development of the platform -- has said that the Uchaguzi initiative will play a huge role in creating awareness and facilitating a fruitful election.

“With the 2021 General Elections due on January 14th, KAS is delighted to have partnered with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to bring to you the Uchaguzi digital platform that provides the electorate with all the basic information regarding presidential and parliamentary elections. The Uchaguzi website, the Uchaguzi App and the Uchaguzi Chat-bot outline the key policy positions as presented by the different political parties and independent candidates,” Reismann said.

“They are also a central user-friendly source of accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date information about the forthcoming general elections amidst a pandemic. The digital tools have been created to bridge the citizen’s electoral knowledge gap, facilitate voter education and provide a platform to engage with key constituents of the electoral process.”

In this era of pervasive fake news, it is hoped that Uchaguzi will significantly power the process of fighting fake news in the electoral cycle.

“It’s a platform which will synergize facts from credible sources such as the Uganda Electoral Commission and put it in the public domain through the official website, App and WhatsApp chat-bot,” officials have said.

For iOS users, you can get the app here and here, for those using Android-powered phones. I'll review the app this coming Sunday.

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