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UPDF Unearth Sinister Plans to Discredit Operation Shujaa

posted onJanuary 11, 2022

The Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) together with the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have said they have obtained "critical information about the presence of an armed group harboring sinister clandestine plans deliberately to sabotage the joint military action against the ADF rebels."

In a joint statement released by the UPDF and FARDC, the malicious plan aims at sparking and promoting hostility towards the UPDF and FARDC among the local population that they have been mandated to protect.

The statement issued Monday night indicates that the group also aims at creating generalized panic and stamped in "the same population which welcomed and supported the coalition forces since the launch of the operations against the enemies of peace."

The joint statement issued by the UPDF and FARDC

This comes after Congolese customs officials on January 06 intercepted a commercial truck in Butembo carrying clothes similar to UPDF uniforms.

Security sources say the owner of the consignment who is a top businessman in Butembo is closely linked to a Congolese military officer only identified as Musebo.

The said military uniforms had been manufactured from Thailand, according to the information in the joint statement.

It is further indicated that as soon as the consignment was intercepted and confiscated, Musebo quickly ordered that they be returned to him claiming that he was the end receiver.

By wearing the UPDF uniforms and insignia, the armed group planned to resort to this subterfuge to camouflage themselves to be able to go on atrocious rampage to wreck unsalable havoc including massacres in order to badly injure the image of the UPDF, the joint statement reads in part.

According to the UPDF and FARDC, this would ultimately create the belief that UPDF is the one attacking people they have saved and protected so far.

"The FARDC and the UPDF reassure the public that they will not allow themselves to be distracted or diverted from their missions to permanently neutralize the enemy," the statement adds.

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