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Charles Lambert

What is the New World of Compassionate Capitalism?

posted onJuly 16, 2021

No matter how logical an ideology is, it must be implemented with contradictory machinery running underneath or abuse will become inevitable.

The contradictory machinery for global capitalism is Compassionate Capitalism aka "Grazing the Cow”- Charles N Lambert.

The summary of the past few chapters in this book has been dedicated to showcasing the factual impact of global capitalism in the world. The facts made bare by the current trend of global development and living standards of much of the world.

The past few chapters therefore point us to a very important discourse on what to do about the rampage of global capitalism if we are going to witness a more equitable and harmonious world. 

Charles Lambert

New World of Compassionate Capitalism advocates for a contradictory machinery to run underneath the current global capitalism so that there could be some mitigating factors over the consequences on the lives of billions of people in the world. 

This contradictory machinery will preach empathy and not greed in innovations, contentment over pursuit of highest aspirations, job creators list over a billionaire list, grazing the cow through Investments Points as against extortion of the consumers, pursuit of basic human needs instead of creating more wants, corporate responsibility instead of hiding behind governments, local control of most aspects of consumption production against international dumping trade practices and democratic economy over fat cat capitalists.

The above is an extract from the book- New World of Compassionate Capitalism by Charles N. Lambert available on with 1,000 investment points given per book purchase.

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