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Why We Should Support Gen Kainerugaba for President of Uganda

posted onDecember 5, 2022
Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Charles Lwanga

As a true son of the revolution,  and a  battle hardened warrior,  Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has spent most of his time, sacrificing his life for the continued peace in Uganda, the region, and Africa at large. 

In 2002 and the following years, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba camped in Eastern Uganda -specifically Soroti Flying School where he coordinated and fiercely fought the deadly monster Joseph Kony and his rebels who had invaded Teso Sub Region, and causing suffering among our people.

The involvement of Kainerugaba in the fight against Kony terrorists was a game changer in that it led to the killing of the notorious Brig Tabule who was a  senior commander in the LRA rebel rank and file.  After the Killing of Brig Tabule and several of the enemy forces, Kony retreated from Teso Sub region after being defeated by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the soldiers under his command.

The enemy was hit hard both in Northern Uganda up to South Sudan and later on in Garamba forests in DRC. In Garamba,  Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba together with Brig Patrick Kankiriho (now  late) fiercely hit hard the rebels, breaking the enemy's defensive lines,  and totally dismantling Kony’s bases,  never to  re organise again.  Kony is now on the run in  Central Africa,  never  to destabilise  Uganda  again. 

Between 2007  and 2008,  Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba  together with his battle hardened commandos  battled and dismantled  ADF  terrorists bases in Western Uganda around River  Ssemiliki.  Remember,  ADF  had  established  strong bases  in the Rwenzori  region,  kidnapping and, murdering innocent Ugandans.  But  Gen Kainerugaba's operations  around  River  Ssemiliki led to  the  killing  of  top  ADF  commanders in  Western  Uganda. The UPDF Alphane Brigade  did  a commendable  job. 

In  2013 - 14,  it  was  Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  together  with  his  comrades  In  UPDF  who  stopped  a  genocide  in  South  Sudan  when  Riek  Machar,  the  then Vice  President  of South  Sudan  conflicted  with  his boss  H.E  Salva  Kiir.

Fighting  broke out in Juba,  and  the  UN , USA, and  UK  requested  President  Museveni  to  interviene and stop  the conflict.  It was  going to be a real  genocide. These  people  were  killing  each other  including  civilians  being  murdered.  Gen Muhoozi and his comrades  in UPDF  did  a commendable  job by restoring sanity in the brotherly nation.

Additionally, Somalia  was  a failed State after  being  destabilised  by  Americans who had miserably  failed to  defeat  the  Al Shabab  terrorists,  UN, the  European  Union  and the  African  Union  requested  President  Museveni  to  help  and deploy  UPDF  to  liberate  Somalia.  

Mogadishu, Somalia's  capital  city  was  a beehive  for the  terrorists until Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba and  his  UPDF  comrades  chased the terrorists and liberated  Mogadishu using  the  mouse hole  and the box formation  military tactics. As we  talk now, investors  are  all-over  Somalia  doing  investments and UPDF  together with sister forces are consolidating  peace and  liberating the whole of Somalia. 

In Central Africa,  DRC,  and  many  other  Countries,  Gen  Muhoozi Kainerugaba  is taking  part  in  making  Sure  the  continent  is  liberated  against  terrorists.  UPDF is dismantling ADF terrorists bases deep in the jungles of DRC, and Gen MK is closely working hand in hand with his  fighters, just to make sure that these evil creatures (the ADF)  don't terrorise the people in the region again. 

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has coordinated  many  peace  missions  across the  continent,  the  latest  being the reopening of Uganda-Rwanda  border.  

Remember  the  losses  the  two  countries  made when  the  borders  were  closed.  Some unpatriotic  people  wanted  the  two  brotherly  countries  to  go to war. That's  when  the  only  Peace  warrior  and Icon  Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  engaged  His  Excellency  President  Paul  Kagame, and the  results  are  there  for  all  of  us to  see.  Uganda-Rwanda relationship restored and cemented. 

Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  as  a friend   to  the  Youth,  has  helped  tens of thousands of young people achieve their  goals.  These  in the  field  of  football,  athletes,  arts and  actually,  Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba inspired many  graduates to join the  forces. UPDF is professionalised because of Gen MK. 

As  the  Commander  Special  Forces,  Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  achieved  alot  for  SFC,  making it the  most disciplined, respectful, battle hardened, and  results  oriented. 

It's  Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who built  the  SFC  headquarters,  Housing  Units  for  SFC,  a  hospital  for the  Special  Forces Command, and  many other achievements. 

Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba is  coordinating  many  missions both in Uganda, the region, and  Africa  all aimed at consolidating  peace in our Country and Africa at large.  Now,  in  order  to  consolidate  all  the  NRM  achievements,  the  East African Intergration,  and  the  lasting  peace  both  in  Uganda  and  beyond,  Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  must  be supported by all peace and development loving Ugandans and Africans to be the  next  President  of  Uganda.  And  the time  is  now,  not  tomorrow.  2026 is  the year.  

We  must overwhelmingly  support  him. This  is  the  time.  And  millions  of  Ugandans actually  support  Gen  Muhoozi  Kainerugaba  because  in  him, there's  continuity  of  peace, stability,  prosperity, achieving  the  East  African  Intergration,  and  defending  Africa  against  criminal minded groups, aggression  and  subversive  elements. 

Charles Lwanga is the Deputy RDC, Lwengo District


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