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12 Facts that led to Accountants Uprising and joining of the Compassionate Capitalism revolution

This Investment Points new economy unleashed in Africa will control a significant portion of Africa’s economic activities in the production processes of everything we consume in the continent helping to destroy the $203 billion dollars of capital flight out of the continent
posted onDecember 17, 2021

Accountants across Africa have begun joining the Black Wall Street-led Compassionate Capitalism revolution in droves. As the leading entity for the fight to destroy poverty in Africa through the pursuit of economic war for economic independence, Black Wall Street created the concept of Investment Points (IPs) which are derived from regular consumer product purchases on Redirect Mall and can then be used for investments in commercial projects, certificates to earn or basic human needs.

This Investment Points new economy unleashed in Africa will control a significant portion of Africa’s economic activities in the production processes of everything we consume in the continent helping to destroy the $203 billion dollars of capital flight out of the continent.

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The investment Points system created by the Black Wall Street via its innovator King Charles N Lambert will aid in the creation of millions of jobs and the highest ever rate of foreign direct investments into the continent. 

The system has most importantly, entrusted Accountants as the Control Towers of the new African economy and they are baptized with the name of “Investment Consultants” for their roles in controlling the billions of dollars in Investment Points on the platform.

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The Investment Consultants will after training through the Black Wall Street App, drive the industrialization of the African continent by helping entrepreneurs across the continent list their business or projects for public funding and access to technology beginning at $100,000US Dollars and up to $50million dollars for listed businesses.

Accountants who are joining the BWS Platform as Investment Consultants have given the following 12 Facts as the core issues behind their desire to follow a more progressive economic movement led by the Black Wall Street. There are currently 100,000 jobs available for accountants on the BWS Platform as 1 Accountant is attached to a Pan African Job centre.

  1. Government Neglect: The high levels of corruption and embezzlement of public projects is a by-product of government neglect of accountants in society. Accountants are trained to ensure financial aspects of projects are done with utmost integrity yet they are never involved by governments in any significant measure.

Investment Consultants on the Black Wall Street are involved in every single community project from costing to listing, funding allocation and monitoring.  

  1. Corporate Disregard: Most corporations in Africa are run as family businesses without any real requirement of input from relevant professionals such as accountants. When accountants are hired, they are there for mere formality as owners do what they like with the finances.

Investment Consultants on the BWS Platform act as bosses to all the corporations funded through the Back Wall Street platform.

  1. Individual Contempt: Individuals in Africa including families do not have any need for accountants hence perceive them as just fancy maths teachers with total contempt. BWS Platform restoration of Africa’s economy would only lead to the need of accountants by individuals and families in filing of taxes and the likes.
  2. Lack of Projects: Throughout study and post-study, most accountants never really experience the process of accounting in full circle like a project from costing to funding and return on investments simply because the commercial projects are scanty.

Investment Consultants on the BWS Platform go from one project to the other because of the power of Investment Points in spurring economic activities. 

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  1. Low Wages: Accountants in Africa are paid embarrassing wages with most salaries just slightly higher than an administrative assistant.

Black Wall Street Investment Consultants begin at $500 per calendar month.

  1. Zero Facilitation:  Accountants across Africa do not receive any kind of facilitation to do their jobs be it in transportation to and from work, lunch while at work or project facilitation. You are left feeling completely on your own.

Black Wall Street Investment Consultants are properly facilitated for each and every task.

  1. No benefits: There is nothing more painful feeling than being an accountant and knowing you have on investments, securities, pensions, gratuity, etc coming from the job you go to every day.

Investment Consultants on the BWS get to own a large investment portfolio due to their close involvement in listing of corporations. BWS provides benefit structures including pensions, gratuity, emergency and homeownership for Investment Consultants.

  1. Theft as only Option: The accounting profession in Africa presents theft as the only option to earning good money from your job.

Investment Consultants on the BWS Platform have countless ways outside of their salaries to earn good money without needing to compromise their integrity.

  1. High Cost of Training and Accreditation: The cost of becoming an accountant especially a post-university degree is just simply too expensive in relation to the financial returns people with the training received.  BWS Investment Consultants enjoy the access to Practical Business Management Institute of the BWS for high quality, low-cost training with access to educational capital when required
  2. Economic Irrelevance: Accountants in Africa are almost completely economically irrelevant with no impact on anything which itself is a consequence of no true involvement in the economic activities within the continent.

Investment Consultants on the BWS Platform are the Control Towers of the new African compassionate economy.

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  1. No Job satisfaction: It is impossible to talk about job satisfaction when you are not even consulted in the production processes so it is obvious that accountants in Africa have zero job satisfaction.

Black Wall Street Investment Consultants have very high levels of job satisfaction because they are relevant every day.

  1. No Improvement in Self Care/Living Standards: Being an accountant in Africa does not necessarily improve your living standards or self-care.

Investment Consultants on the BWS Platform are 100% guaranteed of improvement in living standards and personal care through constant access to bonuses, commissions and project completions.

“Accountants’ Uprising for Economic Independence is adherence to a 12 Facts sensitive economic platform which enthrones accountants as the Control Towers of Africa’s economy through involvement in grassroots industrialization of the African continent”.

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