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Traditional Bakisimba dancer Annet Nandujja was rewarded in 2018. Courtesy photo

4th National Heritage Awards: Sh20M for Heritage Conservationists, Promoters

posted onMarch 17, 2020

 By Fred Kiva

A total of over Sh20 million will be awarded to leading heritage conservationists and promoters during the forthcoming National Heritage Awards 2020.

The awards event due on May 20 at the National Theatre is organized by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda-CCFU, a cultural heritage nongovernmental organization with the objective of “providing a missing incentive - social recognition, publicity and to underscore the urgency of heritage protection in the country (Uganda).”

The event will coincide with the World Culture Week on May 20. Aliguma Ahabyona, the CCFU Communication Officer says the awards event will see three winners in each of the three categories awarded.

The award categories include; the Tangible heritage award for conservation of the visible heritage, like historical sites, the Intangible heritage award for invisible heritage promotion, say writing books on languages, traditions and oral history among others. The 3rd category which has only been added this year, is the media award for a media personality or journalist who has done excellently in dissemination of information on heritage.

Aliguma explains that unlike in the past events, they have added the media award category as an appreciation to journalists and other media personalities. “The media is key in disseminating historic information. There are some media personalities who have been consistent in reporting about the urgency of heritage preservation, both at local and national level, so we would like to appreciate them,”Aliguma said during an interview on Monday.

He added that each of the seven winners will bag home home a cash reward of about Sh3 million, which totals to about Sh21million.

The Nomination process

Aliguma reveals that, as always winners will be determined through a nomination process, which is already underway. The nomination process begun on February 1 and ends on April 1

“Already we got about 220 nominations submitted. An independent jury will then sit to vet the nominations and determine the winners,” he said. People are submitting the nominations physically at the CCFU offices in Kampala or online by filling a google form or via social media.

About the National Heritage Awards

CCFU initiated the awards in 2013 to recognize individuals and organizations for their excellence in preserving and promoting cultural heritage-whether build (tangible), natural or intangible. Awarding ceremonies have been held every after two years. Eighteen awards have since been made.

Some of the awardees include; among others Ms Annet Nandujja who was awarded in 2018 for her preservation of Kiganda traditional dances (Bakisimba, Nankasa and Aamaggunju. St Peter’s Secondary School, Nsambya was awarded in 2016 for preservation of its Fort Jesus Building (1895-1907)

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