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Deputy Speaker Hon Anita Among

Anita Among Officially Vies for Speakership Slot

by KP
posted onMarch 22, 2022

Deputy Speaker Annet Anita Among has expressed interest as NRM flag bearer for the Speakership race.

The speakership seat fell vacant following the demise of Speaker Jacob Oulanyah on Sunday morning in Seattle, U.S. Among on Tuesday morning expressed interest through her personal assistant who presented her papers to the NRM Electoral Commission chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi.

Among was literally the speaker of parliament from the time of swearing in on 24th May 2021 after Oulanyah’s health continued to deteriorate. With all the inexperience, Among picked up the mantle and steered the House in the absence of the substantive speaker who was on and off his hospital bed.

Between 24th May 2021 to 10th March 2022, Parliament has held 77 sittings with Among chairing 55 sittings compared to Oulanyah’s 22 sittings. During this time, the House passed 9 Bills and granted leave for the introduction of 9 Private Members’ Bills. The House among others also passed 10 Resolutions and 33 other resolutions, adopted 10 Reports, received 72 ministerial statements and 7 statements from the Leader of the Opposition.

Late Oulanyah last chaired the House on 24th November during the passing of the NSSF (Amendment) Bill. Among and Oulanyah had a cordial working relationship with similar aspirations and agenda. In fact they referred to each other as “my twin.”

The two had been prejudged to be the most dynamic duo in the history of parliamentary speakers. The two agreed on a five point agenda that includes; restoring public confidence in parliament, promoting fairness and providing equal opportunities for all, refocusing parliament to serve the needs of all people, upholding the independence of parliament and building cooperative relationships for better service delivery.

The election of speaker is slated for Friday, 25th March 2022 and the Clerk to Parliament has already notified MPs over the same.

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