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Buulo Mareer Attack: Two UPDF Commanders Arrested, 54 Dead Bodies Discovered

posted onJune 4, 2023

President Yoweri Museveni has issued an updated on the recent incident in Somalia where dozens of UPDF soldiers were killed after an attack by the Alshabaab terrorists.

Mr Museveni who is in Kyankwanzi with Members of Parliament said ‘our soldiers demonstrated remarkable resilience and reorganized themselves, resulting in the recapture of the base.’

The President noted that lifeless bodies of fifty-four fallen soldiers, including a Commander were discovered.

‘These terrorists  attempted another ill-fated attack on Baraawe Town, but our forces dealt a significant blow, forcing them to flee.’ Mr Museveni said before revealing that commanders who made mistakes were arrested.

’The mistake was made by two commanders, Maj. Oluka and Maj. Obbo, who ordered the soldiers to retreat. They have been apprehended and will face charges in the Court Martial,’ President Museveni is quoted in a statement shared on his official Twitter handle.

On 26th May 2023, Alshabaab using three vehicles laden with bombs and over 800 fighters attacked Buulo Mareer forward operating base killing scores of UPDF peacekeepers.

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