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Concerned Members Ask Donors to Stop Criminal Acts by NUP

posted onJanuary 6, 2023

In his end of year 2022 address from his country home, Rwakitura-Nyabushozi County, in Kiruhura District, President Yoweri Museveni tackled a number of issues and one of them was crime.

In a combative tone and mood as usual, Gen Museveni assured Ugandans that “no terrorist group or criminal group that can defy the combined strength of the UPDF, the Uganda Police, the intelligence services, the Ugandan Prison Services, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the popular vigilance of the people.”

He also went on to reveal operational details that have led to the killing and arrest of some criminals and as well terrorists involved. He also went on to mention names of some suspects.

He said: “The Ndugwa-Ssemakula groups that attacked Police Posts in the Mityana-Kiboga are – 23 of them are now in prison including their leader Ssemakula Ndugwa.

“The ADF cell that attacked General Katumba when they killed his daughter and one other person; 3 of them were killed and 9 are in prison.

“Bijambiya attackers who killed 28 people in the Masaka area, 23 of them have all been arrested.

“The group that entered Uganda, in the Ntoroko area from Congo and killed one bicyclelist they met on the 11th December, 2022, 26 have been killed, 15 have been arrested and 22 weapons(SMGs and 2 light machine guns) have been captured; etc., etc.”

Whereas he did not delve into details, Gen Museveni made it clear that there is no way one can commit a crime under the nose of his government and not leave any clue.

“However, as I told you in a recent television address, in a reasonably well organized system like Uganda, there is no way you can commit such crimes and you cannot leave clues. Using the inevitable clues they left behind, the police arrested some people, which enabled the Police to arrest another 50 associates of those criminals. Eventually, some more criminals were arrested and the evidence on them proved that the group that had been killing these People, was a group of seven ADF members, led by Mao whose real name is Katende Moses. This group had even brought in a light machine gun (LMG-PK) from Congo, which they used in Kyabadaaza.

Consequently, on the 18th of December, the police attacked a hideout in Kito-Matugga, where Muwanguzi Abdul Shakur and Hajuuli Akimu were killed and 2 SMGs were recovered, including the one they robbed from Busiika Police Post. The Police also found IEDs that they were planning to use against targets they would choose. The remnants of the group fled to Nyendo, in Kyalugo – Bugambira. On the 24th of December, 2022, Katende Moses, the group leader, was arrested and was found with one LMG(PK), 7 SMGs, 1 pistol, 2IEDs, etc.,etc. An iPad was also got from a lodge in Bwala. Mao gets orders from Suleiman, who gets orders from Amigo in Congo. Apparently, the pressure on ADF in Congo is too much for them and these attacks in Uganda are to raise money for ADF in Congo and also, they, childishly, imagine that these attacks will force us to withdraw from Congo. Therefore, our strategy of destroying ADF in Congo and neutralizing these scattered elements within Uganda is correct.”


This publication is now in possession of a leaked dossier whose confessions and revelations by the authors corroborate what Gen Museveni talked about in his end of year 2022 address.


The dossier further puts nascent National Unity Platform (NUP) party whose MPs like Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana and other supporters are already in jail over crime related charges in the spotlight.


It paints a picture of a party allegedly involved in all kinds of crime—alleged murder, kidnaps, rebel activities and among others—reportedly disguising them as tactics to remove the NRM government and President Museveni.


The dossier, dated 20th November, 2022 has been authored by rebelling NUP insiders and addressed to the US, EU and other donors imploring them to reign over the party’s top brass.


The authors who call themselves Ugandan Freedom Fighters opine that whereas they are committed to the ‘siturago’ to end Gen Museveni’s NRM rule, they don’t agree with the direction it is taking and urgent action and guidance is required from donors who support the party.


Below, we reproduce the slightly edited dossier verbatim. This publication could not independently verify these claims, whether the authors are genuine NUP members or if all these are happening with the knowledge of NUP top brass. Read on:


Wakiso Town Council


Wakiso District


20 Nov 2022


HER Excellency Natalie Brown USA Ambassador to Uganda US Embassy Kampala


Her Excellency UN Representative Crested Towers Building, 15th Floor, Plot 17-23, Hannington Road, P.O.BOX 5244, Kampala Uganda




There is a lot of corruption, harassment, and illegal activities within the NUP which you need to be aware of.


We write this with a lot of pain because what started as a promising struggle to remove the dictator Museveni has become a way for the few people to enrich themselves.


This wouldn’t be a problem since they claim to have started their struggle, but our worry is that they have turned their guns on the people they think to be having a lot of information on the dirty and illegal activities that have been going on, which has caused a number our colleagues to be arrested and taken to Luzira, Kigo, Kitalya and other prisons.


They are trying all ways to make us lie low, and in most cases pay us to go underground to pretend as if we were kidnapped, so that the government does not arrest and make us reveal NUP’s undercover activities.


These guys are increasingly becoming evil, if they think you have a lot of their secrets and you could be working with state agencies such as ISO, CMI or police, they even kidnap you using their drones, torture you, then drop you somewhere and the next morning they begin to say that their supporter was abducted by government yet it is them who did it.

As soon as they confirm that you have reached a clinic or hospital after dropping you somewhere, then they will come very fast, pretend to take care of you and later end up showing you to press at the hospital premise or at Kamwokya and in the ghetto you cannot say anything.


These are things that worry some of us who know many secrets about what insiders are doing. You can be kidnapped anytime and become a victim. Those of Gampu who keep singing about drones and kidnappings do not know what is going on inside NUP because they are considered outsiders who are sell outs. A person like Gampu is known to have eaten $4M government money to kill the struggle. We have seen and heard a number of bloggers talk about this deal. Some bloggers have openly talked about this deal because it leaked when Gampu and the others who ate failed to control themselves in the way they spent the money.


They went on rampage buying trucks and land forgetting that the dealers they were using could not keep the secrets and by the end of the day, it is now an open secret.


So, they are no longer taking him seriously. They keep him in the dark about the real issues. You may even find out that he does not know how NUP bought the three drones they are using to do their “kikankane” operations.


If he is really the leader of NUP in Parliament and the leader of opposition, let him tell the public the manner in which NUP bought drones UBL 89..S, UBH 57..T and UBL 51..D. We hope the people saw one of these drones transporting girls from the Airport to NUP offices at Kamwokya on 19 Oct, 2022.


These drones are used to do good things during the day and weird things at night. We request your Excellency the USA and EU Ambassadors in Uganda to look into our NUP over these illegal operations that target some of our own who they fear to leak information to the State.


We believe a number of our friends are lying low and in hiding for fear of the acts of their own. This is really sad, yet to the public and the world, the song is that the government is kidnapping people.


Kindly protect us by telling off NUP leaders to desist from underhand methods. They should not blame the state, yet they are doing the same things!!! We also know that a number of our colleagues were taken abroad for training in Kenya, Congo and South Africa yet they keep singing about missing persons.


If the government was serious and they checked the records in the borders, it is possible to find some of these people crossed may be if they were smart to use forged names. The use of drones and the Gampus aside, Your Excellences need to know how these people who are claiming to be your friends are really messing up everything.


They keep saying they have full support of the USA and European governments in the struggle but what kind of activities are you helping them on? They claim to be fighting for democracy, rule of law, freedoms, and human rights but what kind of methods are they using to fight? Do you approve violence against our people as a legitimate method?

Violence which is depriving the poor Ugandans of their lives and property? Did they brief you that since the 2021 general elections, they have been carrying out acts of violence in which life and property were lost?


Did they tell you that the petrol bombs that were thrown in Kampala in May last year in which property was destroyed was their operation code named “Tajja Kulayira?” Did they tell you that the man that got injured in the arm got treatment from NUP? Did they tell you that they received money from Commander Angel in Canada?


Some of the money that helped the training in Wakiso also came the same way. CPS Kampala was supposed to be attacked too but the security was a lot and the attack shifted to URSB.


They burnt vehicles at Uganda Registration Services Bureau on George Street behind CPS, Nakulabye Traffic lights, Kireka railway crossing, and other places. They even attempted to burn two petrol stations in Kasangati.


Is this what they call democratic struggle when they are burning property of innocent Ugandans? Just from this nonsense, a number of our colleagues were arrested and are kindly suffering in Luzira being tried by Court Martial.


They have not even helped them or their families!! The only thing they have done is to call them political prisoners so that they make the whole thing look political and put pressure on the government. But they know well that from the beginning that they were driving these young men to danger. A NUP Mp was giving them money he was getting from Commander Angel in Canada to buy petrol, bottles etc instead of skills to get something they can do for themselves.


Now they are in trouble, and you only hear the song of drones and political prisoners. They give the regime an opportunity to use force, yet they know what violence they are practicing leads to!!! Who lied to us that petrol bombs can remove a government?


Have they also told you that they started a rebel group called Uganda Coalition Forces for Change which carried out attacks in Wakiso, Busunju and Kiboga on policemen and soldiers? These activities were never agreed upon when they first recruited us in the People Power movement and later NUP.


We were supposed to mobilise the people to hate Museveni and his government and later vote it out of power. We were never told that it was to be an armed struggle because it would not make sense to conduct an armed struggle yet for all the time, we in the NUP have been criticizing Museveni for waging a war in which thousands of people died!!!


We remember how these things started. We were first recruited by someone called Stuart but who was popularly known in the NUP circles as Teeka into a group called committed soldiers which was tasked with the duty to guard our NUP candidates in Wakiso District.


Later, through our interactions, Issa alias Commander Muto convinced and introduced us to an association in Wakiso called ‘COMMITTED SOLDIERS’ which had been formed during the 2021 Presidential elections, to provide protection to NUP candidates in Wakiso District.

The group was headed by Sam Wa Bobi, a resident of Wakiso. The other members of the ‘committed soldiers’ group include Joseph, Katende, Mukiibi who was introduced in one of our meetings as a bodaboda rider in Mubende District, Simon, Yakobo and Peter all sons of Isaac, residents of Kirugaruga-Kakiri.


The election was expected to be tense and we knew Museveni would steal our votes and even abduct our candidates, so we planned to ensure that these plans don’t work. After the presidential elections, our team of “committed soldiers” with people such as Stuart alias Teeka, Godfrey alias sky walker, Arthur alias Ghetto King and others that we may not recall met the Principal to make a way forward after losing the presidential elections.


The Principal was bitter that his win had been stolen by the government and wanted to plan with us on what to do next. It is from that meeting that he named us “the President’s Men” and advised us to choose a representative among ourselves who would be meeting him often on our behalf for further instructions.


We selected Ghetto King who kept meeting him. It is from this meeting and the contacts that happened afterwards which led to the start of the illegal acts of throwing petrol bombs to stop Museveni from swearing in.


We were trained by Stuart and Godfrey in making petrol bombs from Kikandwa in a house belonging to Stuart. We were using petrol, oil, glass bottles, thread ropes, chlorine, brake fluid and buckets among others as items used in making petrol bombs. All the money to buy these items came from a NUP Mp. After we mastered how to make the bombs, commander Muto but his real name Issah and others went and attacked a government vehicle at Nakulabye.


Ghetto King is the one who called the meeting together with Skywalker, Stuart and the rest of us where we made plans to burn government vehicles.

Our friend Commander Muto was later arrested by security and taken to Court Martial. Later, we just saw him on TV when he was brought to court from Luzira with others. We also heard that all those he went with to carry out the attack were also arrested by security and taken to the Court Martial in Makindye.


Then there were attacks at URSB offices, Kireka and Nateete mainly targeting vehicles and petrol stations to either burn down property or just cause fear in the public. Throughout these attacks, we were receiving money from Principal a NUP Mp. For secrecy, we nicknamed the NUP Mp Bazuuka.


They would give the money to Arthur, a close friend of the Principal. In NUP, Recently we saw on TV that Arthur aka Ghetto King was also arrested by security and is in Luzira. He used to assure us as if to give us confidence to remain in their group that NUP has many funders to burn down the Kampala city with petrol bombs and kill security officers and that someone nicknamed Commander Angel based in Canada was one of the biggest funders who would send money to a NUP Mp the moment shortage of funds was reported.


Did they inform Your Excellences about these activities? When we failed to stop the swearing in, plans were made to begin a real war. We were told of how there were strong NUP supporters based in South Africa such as Frank, Hussein, Engineer Nyanzi who is known to be a strong ally of Principal, Muganga and others had already collected money and were on the way to the DRC for training by a certain rebel General.


Later, around Oct last year [2021] is when we were told that those people had finished the training and had secretly entered the country through Mutukula to begin rebel activities in Uganda.


Meanwhile, they were signs in Uganda since our colleague Ramathan had recruited over 200 youths all NUP in preparation for the formation of the rebel group. The recruitment was from all regions except Western Region and they were all ready for the work. In order to remain secret, they were advised to remain acting normal until they get a signal.


So, when Frank entered the country, we were informed to be ready. Themselves and the over 200 NUP youths mobilized by Agodri were to be the original of a rebel group but we didn’t know anything else about the group.


Finally, around the end of November, we linked up with the Franks and that is when we were given some information about the group and the plan to remove the government.


The group was revealed to us as Uganda Coalition Forces for Change and that it was the armed wing of NUP. They even told us that while those of Frank were still undergoing training in the DRC, one Kirabira telephoned the Principal and gave him all details about the group and the Principal promised to meet Frank as soon as they entered the country. There were a number of people involved in the original UCFC and some are even not yet arrested.


Unfortunately, over 90% of those arrested whom we have been seeing on TV are all NUP colleagues but in the true style of the Principal, he has not helped them, yet he was fully behind their activities and plan but they are instead threatening us.

There are over 20 NUP arrested for being UCFC and for killing policemen and that is how they are going to lose their future while others are busy flying to Dubai to enjoy with their families.


There were other people involved in UCFC activities such as Arafat and Rasta, all residents of Wakiso but we wonder why security has not arrested them. In October 2021, we were approached by Issa alias Commander Muto informing us of new developments by their group of committed soldiers.


He told us that the petrol bomb attacks failed to cause the impact the Principal and a NUP Mp wanted and that they had come up with another plan. He further said that several NUP and People Power youths that were involved in the attacks had been arrested by security and taken to court martial and later sent to Luzira. He said this could have been partly due to penetration of their group and that the government could have used Cameras to identify them.


He said that the Principal and this NUP Mp had designed something new which they wanted to put in action. That the only way to fight Museveni was to be through armed struggle. He further said that they were expecting a group of NUP diehards from South Africa who had received training in Congo to enter Uganda anytime and link up with the “President’s men” for rebel activities especially in Buganda where the NUP leaders claimed that we have the support of the people as seen in the results of the elections.


These people kept convincing us that the rebel activity was going to be the quickest way to remove the government. But life in the first rebel camp which we established at Namayumba in November 2021 was not easy at all. We had two guns in Namayumba camp that were brought in by Nyanzi alias Makumbi alias Engineer as we prepared the attack on Wakiso UPDF detach or patrol which we finally made on 25 Nov 2021 in the evening.


In preparation for the attack, a colleague of ours called Kassim alias Dogcity prepared two other colleagues namely Julius and a one Kenneth who comes from Bukerekere Village for a meeting at Wakiso for a briefing.


The following day, we met at a bar along Kasengeje road in Wakiso town where we were joined by Arafat, Abdu and Stuart alias Teeka who chaired the meeting.


Stuart briefed us of an intended military training with an intention to fight and overthrow the sitting government. Stuart told members to prepare themselves as movement to unknown places would be soon communicated. We were told to mobilize small blankets and bed sheets that would be used during training. One of us complained to Stuart about his newly married wife but was promised support for the family. He was then given Ugx 50,000 to leave home and went back to Namagere with Alex, Arafat, Julius and one Kenneth.


Then in early November 2021, we were contacted by Alex to prepare and mobilize our other colleagues and proceed to Wakiso town for final briefing. The following day we moved to Wakiso alongside our friends like Arafat, Julius, Commander Muto and Kenneth.


We were hosted at Issa’s house in Wakiso and were all instructed to shave our hair before movement. Later that evening, Commander Muto led us to the home of Stuart’s grandmother in Wakiso town where we were welcomed by Stuart’s wife Mukyala Kufateeka alias Maama Gabi.

At around 9 PM, a motorcycle whose number plate we don’t remember delivered 2 sacks of posho, a green polythene bag containing beans, 5 litres of cooking oil among others. Leo later joined us at around 10 pm. We recently saw on T.V that Leo was also arrested and he is one of the rebels of UCFC who were in Luzira. At around 11 PM, Stuart arrived at the home on a coaster bus alongside Wandera alias Scania, Muyomba alias Muko, Faisal, Joram among others not known to us.


Stuart led us to load the food including other essentials and started the journey to Namayumba training camp through Kavumba, Hoima Road, Namayumba trading centre and Kitalya to a village not known to us.


We arrived at the camp at around 12:30 midnight and found the place already slashed (cleared) for us. We built a shelter using tarpaulins and slept off while being guarded by Stuart and Leo to prevent the rest of us members from escaping.


We were woken up at 5 AM to prepare a meal and by 7 AM, we had eaten to avoid smoke being detected in the camp during training hours to avoid suspicion by neighboring communities. By 8 AM, we were introduced to parade drills by Stuart.


Frank, the overall commander of the rebel group UCFC visited the camp after the parade and took us through lessons in defensive tactics like ‘KAVARI’ meaning taking cover from the enemy, ‘DIVE’ meaning dashing on ground.


Nyanzi alias Mosh alias Engineer came to the camp after 2 days, met Frank and Stuart and left but returned after a few days. However, he left instructions that a hole be dug from where the group would be cooking from to avoid smoke in the camp and the hole was dug.


Four days later, we made a plan of getting guns to use in our rebel activities. The entire group including Mosh, Frank, Stuart, Alex, Issah and Leo had to participate, and some were identified to carry out spying and attack two UPDF personnel in Wakiso town who frequently moved on foot from the barracks for guard duties.


All of us boarded a taxi from Namayumba trading centre to Wakiso town and met at Mango shade bar. We monitored the soldiers’ movements that evening and planned how to attack them the following day. During the attack, one Dog city and Frank were to attack from the front, Stuart and Mosh from behind, Alex and Issa from the middle.

While in the camp, we were given passwords that were to be used in our rebel activities i.e., ‘Ndingidi’ meaning a gun, ‘Musician’ meaning security people (Police men and Soldiers), ‘Studio’ meaning our rebel camp and ‘Singing’ would mean that the target is available.


The following day, late in the evening, our overall commander Frank mobilized the group that included Dog City, commander Muto, Nyanzi and Alex, armed with knives and proceeded to Wakiso town, waylaid the two soldiers opposite Wakiso new market along Wakiso – Hoima Road but in an attempt to attack them the soldiers changed their routine in movement.


This confused us and we decided to withdraw. Nyanzi picked us from the point where we had laid the ambush using a vehicle he acquired from his cousin brother in Kampala to a lodge within Wakiso town where we spent a night.


We were joined by Hamis alias Juma, made another plot to attack and later got information from the wife of Stuart alias known as ‘Mama Gabi’ informing us that the soldiers had not worked since it was a weekend. We withdrew from Wakiso town and went back to our base at Namayumba, regrouped, came back to Wakiso town and carried out an attack on the two soldiers and we were able to grab and return to the camp with one gun without a magazine and in the course of the attack, we stabbed the two soldiers seriously.


We would have taken two guns but Frank panicked and dropped the second gun. After the attack at Wakiso, we left our camp at Namayumba and relocated to Muduuma on Mityana road where we established a new rebel camp.


Some people like Dog City and Faisal did not move with us to the new camp. In early December 2021, we were picked from Namagera trading center by one of the rebels called Joram who came driving a taxi whose number plate we can’t remember together with Muyomba alias Muko and Julius, and proceeded to Kirugaruga village in Mityana District to pick a one Peter and Yakobo who had earlier on made arrangements to move with us but found that they had other plans and promised to join us on the 15 Dec 2021.


Joram kept on communicating with Stuart who directed us to move to Muduuma village, where we picked him together with other group members who included Issah, Dog City, Wandera alias Scania and Leo along with their properties including a bundle of banana leaves containing 2 Ak47 rifles.


We then proceeded to our new rebel camp in a wetland located at Kabosa village, Bukuya town council, Kassanda District. We were welcomed to the newly established base by Frank whom we found waiting for us along Kasanda – Kiboga road. Upon their arrival at around 30 minutes past midnight, the overall commander Frank communicated to us giving us serious warnings never to dare escape from the rebel camp.


The following day, Stuart and Leo left and spent two days away from the base camp, and when they came back, they had planned a mission to attack Nakasozi Police Post in Kiboga District.


He admits that on the fateful day the group attacked Nakasozi Police Post, Dog City carried two guns wrapped in a sack moved on foot from the camp together with other members who included Frank, Julius, Wandera, Issa, Stuart to Nakasozi Trading center where the police post we attacked was located.

Upon arrival at Nakasozi, Frank the overall commander picked all the two guns from Dog City and handed one to Stuart and kept one himself and they shot at police officers who were seated on a bench at the verandah of the police post. After shooting the two policemen dead, they entered the police post where they picked a solar battery and an FM radio, red in color. Julius picked a gun from the dead and police boots, Stuart picked the second gun, police jacket and twenty-seven thousand Ugandan shillings (27,000/=) which was under the mattress of one of the policemen in their rooms of residence.


Immediately after the attack, Frank addressed the wanaichi who were near the police post in Kiswahili, while Julius spoke in Luganda assuring them how they had no problem with the public but were aimed at eliminating security personnel’s whom they doomed as obstacles in our struggle for freedom and proceeded back to the rebel camp.


Few days later, we planned to attack the Sekanyonyi police post in Mityana district. Dog City was sent alongside Nyanzi alias engineer to carry out spying in preparation for an attack. They later told us that they monitored the movements of police officers at Sekanyonyi Police post and came back to the base camp to conclude the plans for the attack.


Dog City was selected alongside Nyanzi, Issa, Wandera alias Scania and Muyomba alias Muko and proceeded to Sekanyonyi with 03 guns in a sack ready to attack the police post. However, the mission was interrupted by the frequent movements of wanaichi in and out of the police post, and the group later left.


Dog City together with Nyanzi Mohammed went back carrying 02 guns to the base camp while Issa, Wandera alias Scania and Muyomba disappeared along with one gun. The following day at around 5 AM as we woke up, we saw a group of security personnel ascending towards the base camp.


We alerted each other and other four new recruits who all started running. Leo picked one gun and Dog City picked the other, abandoning one gun without a magazine in the base camp. We all got scattered, we later go to know that those of Dog City and Leo walked through the wetland with the two guns, crossed Kassanda- Kiboga road, entered and took cover in a maize plantation until late in the evening at about 8pm when they decided to abandon the two guns wrapped in an old trouser hidden between the banana plants.


One time we saw [Police spokesperson] Enanga announcing on TV that these guns were recovered by security.

Your Excellences, next time when the NUP leaders come to you for support, ask them about these things. The whole struggle is becoming sick and we need redemption but above everything else, guide these people. Let them not turn against their own supporters to suppress information.


The biggest problem now is that the ghettos where we used to enjoy freedom are the worst now because of our suspicious leaders and brothers and security also has more power to come and hunt for us because we have started military action.


We remain yours in hope.


Ugandan Freedom fighters.

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