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Maj Gen Eric Gernez(right) meeting UPDF officials at Mbuya. DPU photo

French Air Force General Commends UPDF for Continental Peace Missions

posted onJuly 2, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

The Commander of French Airforce based in Djibout Maj Gen Eric Gernez has commended UPDF for the peacekeeping role on the African Continent.

General Gernez had paid a courtesy call to UPDF Leadership at the MODVA headquarters at Mbuya hill on Monday. Gen Gernez observed that the forces have done good work in all their peacekeeping deployments in the region.

“Thank you for your tireless endeavors towards the peace in Africa” he observed. The French two star General also pointed out that the mutual relationship between Uganda and France is a beneficial one, adding that France will continue to support Uganda because of the large contributions in stabilizing the region.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the two delegations to share lessons and experiences in order to put another step in the security issues of Africa. Maj Gen Gernez in his submissions pledged support from the French Airforce in Djibouti to Uganda People's Defence Air Force (UPPDAF) in terms of further training and other military to military engagements.

Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu who represented the CDF Gen David Muhoozi appreciated the French support given to UPDF in various capacity building areas mostly at the Peace Support Training Centre in Singo, Mountain Warfare Training School, mountain training in the Rwenzori, Military exercises and French Language training in Jinja; which he said have immensely boosted the UPDF.

"The support has gone a long way in opening UPDF’s doors to the French speaking Missions which was not the case before as language was our main barrier," Gen Musanyufu noted. The Joint Chief Of Staff added that Africa Armies should work as a team, despite language barrier as a major obstacle. He emphasized that the French support that UPDF is enjoying has torn down the barriers and promised to make much better strides.

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