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Mobilize Support for Mzee and Revolution that Saved Uganda - Gen Kainerugaba

It's only under the NRM leadership that Uganda has had peace for long but how have you utilized the stability is the question of the day - Col Kamugira said
posted onDecember 13, 2020

The senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has asked his friends to go out in this electioneering period and mobilize support for President Yoweri Museveni and the revolution that saved Uganda in 1986.

“Thank you for your love and support and for always standing up for me. However, I now encourage you to go out in this electioneering season and mobilize support for mzee and the revolution that saved our country,” Gen Kainerugaba said in a message delivered for him by his Chief of Staff, Lt Col McDans Kamugira.

This was at a luncheon organized by a section of youth at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

Gen Kainerugaba who thanked the youth for the support and love encouraged them to keep the good work.

The group of youth dubbed ‘Friends of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’ invited the General through their chairman Lyvine Julius.

The luncheon under the theme, empowering our nation for socio-economic transformation was also attended by the town clerk of Entebbe Mr. Charles Magumba and Mr. George Mutabazi chairman Lwengo.

The group appreciated Gen Kainerugaba for dedicating his life to serve Uganda having been in the UPDF for over twenty years.

In his own capacity, as per the theme of the day, Col Kamugira highlighted three critical areas including ideology, relevant skills, and good leadership as a way of ensuring social-economic transformation.

On ideology which he described as the world outlook or what we believe in as a nation, Col Kamugira emphasized NRM’s core beliefs; democracy, Nationalism, Socioeconomic transformation, among others.

“Let's embrace Nationalism and avoid sectarian tendencies if we are to advance. Every one of us matters and the market of our businesses begins with us,” Col Kamugira said.

Regarding the right and relevant skills, Col Kamugira urged young people to go for courses that attract employment.

Muhoozi kainerugaba

The luncheon was also attended by the town clerk of Entebbe Mr Charles Magumba and Mr George Mutabazi chairman Lwengo

He explained that unemployment in our country is fueled by our mindsets whereby people choose the wrong careers and thereafter blame the government. “It is wrong!” he noted.

On good Leadership, Col Kamugira noted that where Uganda is now “we need time tested Leaders, experienced that are above foreign exploitation. We can’t turn the clock backward,” he added.

He however warned that it is possible if we don’t stand our ground.

“As per the General’s message, let's defend the revolution that saved and pacified us. It should be our ultimate cause as Ugandans. No one will do it for us,” Col Kamugira reiterated.

He, therefore, urged the group to vote for President Museveni and elect NRM leaders to support him in executing his agenda for our country.

He also appealed to cadres to love Uganda and support its leadership, adding that Africa is our market beyond borders and that the same Africa will insure our race hence making us strong enough to withstand any threat.

Socially, Col Kamugira encouraged the young people to keep the spirit of networking, saying ‘your network is your worth in business of any nature. Keep and grow together.”

He also encouraged them to utilize the prevailing stability in the country to transform themselves.

“It's only under the NRM that Uganda has had peace for long but how have you utilized the stability is the question of the day. Do something to earn a living and avoid the tendency of government etuyambe. Gwe ogiyambye otya?” he asked. “Assist it by doing something, pay taxes, support a stable environment and it will also give back at the right time. ,” he said.

Col Kamugira expressed gratitude that the group is already in goat rearing business.

He urged the young people to believe in themselves and shun negative groups driven by foreigners aimed at turning the clock to the dark times that Uganda once experienced.

About the prevailing COVID-19 situation in the country, Col Kamugira advised against reckless living, telling his audience and Ugandans, in general, to follow the Standard Operating Procedures to stem the further spread of the deadly virus.

He also advised them to guard their lives against other diseases like HIV noting that without life, one can't do business.

Above all, Col Kamugira urged the Friends of the General to know and love God.

“He is the provider of all, protector of life, and above all the Uganda anthem says it all. He is our foundation,” he concluded.

The function was crowned with cake cutting 

Embrace farming 

Mr George Mutabazi, one of the guests urged the young people to embrace farming to create opportunities to lift people out of poverty in developing nations. He added that Uganda has 44 Million people and 60 percent of the world's working poor works in agriculture.

"Farming creates more jobs, beginning with farmers, and continuing with farm equipment makers, food processing plants, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing," said Mr. Mutabazi.

He added: “Don't expect free money on your table but you must work for it in whichever ways. Although the efforts of those looking for gainful employment are laudable, my heart goes out to those of us who still have time to sit the entire day discussing politics. Instead of engaging in idle talk, we should be helping our parents at home or in their businesses,” Mutabazi noted.

He continued: “Some of us rely on our parents for handouts until we are so old that we end up being an embarrassment not only to them but also to people who should respect us.”

Mr Charles Magumba urged the youth to change their attitude towards life and realize that nothing comes easy.

Mr Lyvine Julius, the chairman of the group noted that it gives them the joy to participate in guarding the country’s democracy.

"Protecting our democracy takes struggle and sacrifice but there's joy in it. To those that have worked tirelessly, our nation owes a debt of gratitude," he said

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