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NWSC Announces Completion of Katosi Water Project

posted onJune 8, 2021

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) says the construction of Katosi Water Treatment Plant is now finished and they are now testing the new 55km DN1400mm bulk transmission main that is evacuating water from the plant in Katosi to various water reservoirs and associated networks in Kampala.

According to NWSC, the plant will pump 240 million liters of water per day to serve over 7.5 million people in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono up to 2040.

Apart from the testing exercise, engineers are also landscaping, working on the road, among other “final touches”.

The new plant will add over 160 million liters of water per day bridging the water supply gaps in the Kampala Metropolitan service area.

Project Scope

• A 500m offshore abstraction pipeline into Lake Victoria.

• A scada system that will be integrated with the existing NWSC installations

• A modern laboratory to enhance water quality monitoring and management

• A mechanical workshop

•A compact wastewater treatment plant

•A solid-waste handling and incineration facility

• A modern staff housing estate with modern amenities and recreation facilities

Katosi water transmission network at a glance

From the plant, water shall be pumped to the new Nsumba reservoirs (40million litres capacity) through a 9.5km bulk DN1400mm pipeline.

•The water shall thereafter gravitate to Kampala via Mukono – Seeta – Sonde – Namugongo, through a 55km DN1400mm bulk pipeline.

•The Project also entails construction of a 15million litre reservoir in Sonde and booster station in Namugongo.

The project also has a component to supply water to Katosi, Lugazi town and the surrounding areas.

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