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Over 400 NUP supporters in Kamuli have crossed to NRM

Over 400 NUP supporters in Kamuli Defect to NRM

by Max Pat
posted onDecember 21, 2020

Over 400 supporters of the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) have ditched Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for President Museveni's NRM ruling Party. 

The NUP fans on Monday publicly declared that they had crossed to NRM during a rally organized by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga in her home district of Kamuli. 
The defectors were officially received by NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region Capt Mike Mukula who flew with Kadaga in his chopper from Masindi where the duo and other CEC members had gone to meet President Museveni. 

NUP defectors vowed to work closely with NRM to ensure that the other "lost sheep" in Busoga also see the light and join the NRM yellow bus. 

The leaders in Kamuli lauded Mukula for being a good shepherd that leaves 99 other sheep and goes to the wilderness to search for one lost sheep. 

He (Mukula) asked the people of Kamuli to vote for President Museveni and Kadaga for Kamuli Woman MP seat. He further delivered the President's message to the people where he emphasized on poverty alleviation programs such as emyooga project etc.

Government has already injected over shs700m for emyooga in every constituency and training of beneficiaries is currently ongoing. Mukula asked the people of Kamuli to embrace emyooga project and utilize it to boast their businesses saying the money is not a loan, but a grant which will not be refunded to government. 

Mukula added that government now intends to tarmac more roads in Kamuli including Kamuli-Kaliro road, Kamuli-Bugerere-Kampala. He added that government also intends to build more sugar factories in Kamuli to ease mass production. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Mukula will fly to Dolwe Island in Namayingo District where he will harmonize the relationship between fishermen and marines. The fishermen are complaining of harshment, extortion and intimidation from the UPDF marines who were deployed to guard the lakes. 

In attendance will be the Chief of Staff Land Forces, Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda, who was recently deployed to examine and streamline the operations of the Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) in all the major water bodies of Uganda.

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