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Katonga Bridge

UNRA Clears Buses to Use Katonga Bridge on Kampala-Masaka Highway

posted onSeptember 5, 2023

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) announced the clearance of buses to use the Katonga Bridge which is along the Kampala-Masaka Highway.

The Authority said construction works to restore the bridge are also underway.

"Following the continuous technical monitoring and recent assessment conducted for the old existing bridge at Katonga, it has been established that the bridge can withstand loading up to 30 tonnes. As a result, the existing bridge has now been opened to all buses in addition to the light vehicles that were earlier permitted to use the section under the precautionary measures that are to be implemented immediately by the Contractor (China Communications Construction Company Ltd) during this time," said the Authority, which regretted inconveniences in a September 4 statement.

"All permitted traffic is therefore strongly urged to follow the signage in place and all the traffic guidelines established at a safe approach distance to the bridge. Currently, works on Phase II of the restoration works at Katonga (construction of the steel bridge) are ongoing and on completion will enable full restoration of traffic at Katonga section before permanent works can commence. We regret any inconvenience caused during this time as we undertake these essential works on our national road network."

Since May 2023 when floods washed away the bridge, it has been closed to bigger motor vehicles including buses and trailers.

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