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Gen Kainerugaba

MK at 48: Gen Kainerugaba Explains Reason Behind National Celebrations

posted onApril 24, 2022

The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations and Commander Land Forces of the UPDF has said that he usually celebrates his birthday privately but decided to celebrate with Ugandans because of the good things that are happening in the country.

Gen Kainerugaba in his address to guests at the Lugogo Cricket Oval which was full to capacity said that Uganda suffered the longest COVID-19 induced lockdown as well as three years of sour relations with Rwanda.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Rwandan artist Makkamba Intore gifts Gen Kainerugaba with a t-shirt with words 'Inkotanyi Cyane'

The General noted that the lockdown is no more and the relations with Rwanda are back to normal, hence the reason to celebrate his birthday with Ugandans and well-wishers.

“We were experiencing bad relations with one of our closest and brotherly neighbours - Rwanda. You remember the border was closed for three years - no trade, no money. People couldn’t visit families and friends across the border. We thank God who has solved that problem,” Gen Kainerugaba said.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba speaks to his guests 

The CLF who has been instrumental in ensuring normalcy between Uganda and Rwanda added: "Our relations are good and are going to even get better. We thank God for these gifts. That’s why I think we should celebrate together,” said Gen Muhoozi.

 Top Ugandan artistes including Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Vinka, Winnie Nwagi and Rwandan traditional singer Makkamba Intore entertained the guests.

Meanwhile, Rwandan President Kagame is expected in Uganda this Sunday to grace Muhoozi’s birthday celebrations at State House Entebbe.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba saluting PM Nabanja 

Top Government officials attend fete

Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja, NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong, Ministers Hamson Obua, Frank Tumwebaze, Jackson Kafuzi and Peter Ogwang among others attended the ceremony.

PM Nabanja who was the chief guest thanked Gen Kainerugaba for his efforts in building a strong military particularly the SFC which is responsible for the president's security among other highly specialized operations. 

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba with some of his close friends at the event 

Several speakers hailed Gen Kainerugaba for his role in ensuring stability in the country.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo in his opening prayer thanked President Yoweri Museveni for supporting Gen Kainerugaba's military career, noting that he could have let him get involved in less strenuous work.

The event was also attended by high ranking military officers, business men among others.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Muhoozi checks out a gift from one of the guests 

Gen Kainerugaba Picks Lesson from MK@48

Speaking about the events leading up to his birthday, Gen Kainerugaba said he had learnt a lesson about a new movement in the country.

“What this whole MK@48 thing is teaching Ugandans is that there is a strong and vibrant youth movement in this country. It is the strongest force in uganda now. It’s imperative that all of us in government and leadership positions recognize this and start solving the problems of the youth and start looking into their interests,” he added.

“All the youth need is serious attention. Youth like two things - sports and entertainment,” said Muhoozi.

“We need to invest in sports facilities in this country because the youth have too much energy. If you leave them idle you get a problem,” he added.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba is greeted by Frank Tumwebaze as Richard Todwong looks on

Muhoozi commanded operations against unruly youth in the recently concluded chaotic elections.

“Let’s rehabilitate football stadiums and expand them and give you (youth) what you want,” said Muhoozi as the youth-dominated audience cheered him on.

“Let’s invest in the music industry and arts - we will be a long way in solving young people’s problems. There is no mystery to it . It’s simple.”

The Commander Land Forces thanked God for: “letting me live up to this day and taking me through everything in life. I give God the honour.”

Muhoozi kainerugaba
PM Nabanja was the chief guest 

He said he was happy to see people celebrating his life.

“I really can’t thank enough everybody - you’ve really touched my heart - to know that so many people in Uganda recognize the work we have been doing all these years with my comrades in UPDF,” said Muhoozi who was accompanied by UPDF Generals.

“I always say I know all the bushes in Uganda. I am rarely on holiday. I am always working for Uganda.  Ugandans are celebrating everywhere in universities - millions are celebrating MK at 48,” he added.

He also praised Ugandan medical personnel for “educating and vaccinating us and keeping us healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen was accompanied by several UPDF Generals 

“The positivity rates have gone down and even hospitalization rates have gone down. God is healing Uganda. It’s important to thank him for that.”

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