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Gen Kainerugaba to MUBS MBA Graduates: It’s Your Job to Secure Uganda and Africa

posted onOctober 2, 2022

The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has said that it is the duty of every young Ugandan to secure the motherland and by extension, East Africa and Africa.

“It is our collective responsibility, without exception, to guard and secure this beautiful motherland, and Africa, so that our people are secure, stable, and prosperous. As young people, your role in the future of Uganda, and by extension East Africa, could not be understated,” Gen Kainerugaba said in a message delivered to the graduates of Masters in Business administration from Makerere University Business School. This was at a corporate dinner at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday.

Gen Kainerugaba who is also the Commander Land Forces (CLF) of the UPDF was unable to attend the dinner due to operational duties but thanked the MBA class of 2022 for inviting him to their get-together dinner.

“When my officer Col Magezi informed me about it, I didn’t have the slightest hesitation in my mind that I would attend. Unfortunately, I am currently busy in the field attending to pressing operational assignments and cannot make it,” Gen Kainerugaba said in the message sent to his his hosts.

The CLF further informed the team in his message about the progress made in the last ten months, by the joint forces of UPDF and FARDC have eliminated no less than 7,000 ADF terrorists.

“We have brought back peace to large parts of North Kivu. This is the life I have been living for the last 28 years, to make a humble but lasting contribution to peace and security of our country. Without stability, our country could not prosper, Gen Kainerugaba who is the overall Commander of Operation Shujaa said in his message.


Emphasising the importance of peace and security, Gen Kainerugaba explained that the young people of Uganda demand not merely tokens of support here and there, but the necessary conditions in which they can thrive and prosper.

“Young people need jobs – and the potential for this is unlimited if we correctly follow the advice of our revolutionary leaders by leveraging the numerous opportunities in the four main sectors of industry, services, agriculture, and ICT.”

The CLF reiterated the gift of talent among Ugandans especially in the arts, entertainment, and sports fields, pledging  “to strive, without ceasing, to support the interests of all the young people of Uganda to achieve their dreams.”

The MBA class of 2022 presented a plaque to Gen Kainerugaba in appreciation of his courageous leadership and commitment to inspire all Ugandans and Africans to be better.


Meanwhile, the Commisioner General URA Mr John Musinguzi who gave the key note address challenged his colleagues to put in practice the knowledge acquired to make the world a better place to live in.

Notably, Mr Musinguzi who urged the MBA graduates to reflect on how they will measure their life regarding a successful career, family and integrity.

Chris magezj

Citing various examples such as ex NSSF boss Chandi Jamwa and Geoffrey Kazinda the ex Principal Accountnt in the Office of the Prime Minister, among others, the URA boss noted that there have been impressive business managers who that have not done well on the above simple life aspects.

He therefore emphasised the importance of strategic planning, optimal resource allocation, staying out of trouble and value addition in whatever they do.

“Even the best businesses can fall from greatness while high-achievers can end up in jail or embroiled in scandals that destroy their future. I have learned that it easier to hold to the right principles 100 percent of the time than it is to hold to them 98 percent of the time. That 2% deviation may cost of a lifetime reputation built on good deeds,” Musinguzi noted.

He further encouraged his fellow graduates to avoid the temptation to take short cuts that compromise their personal integrity. The temptations, by the way, include not paying your taxes, he said.

“The MBA qualification comes with a promise of powerful positions of leadership, decision making and with proximity to resources in the business world. Use it to do outstanding work that demonstrates your integrity and value. You will keep you head high and your hands unchained,” Musinguzi said.


On value addition, the key note speaker argued that people who add value to things (products), to others, to their community and to the country stand out and prosper.

The dinner was also attended by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa.

Hon Tayebwa encouraged them to be focused, innovative and practice good working ethics to be able to succeed in their career as business managers.

Lt Col Chris Magezi, the chairperson of the organising committee thanked individuals and organisations that contributed to the realisation of the event. He noted that despite fears harboured by his colleagues, the dinner aimed at networking and knowledge sharing became a reality, having truimped over the fear.

“In sum, this is the spirit and determination with which this whole concept and idea of the MBA corporate dinner was conceived by the group here, ladies and gentlemen.

It is therefore my joy to report that the ambition of this group for this event has come to pass, and I think evidence of this is there for everyone to see. This is despite of several worries and fears we harboured at the beginning, wondering whether we could pull this off,” Col Magezi noted.

The dinner whose theme was “Enhancing Networks, Knowledge and Pragmatic Problem-Solving for Entrepreneurial Growth” was also attended by the CEO Vision Group, Mr. Don Wanyama, the Principal MUBS, Prof. Waswa Balunywa and DEAN, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Vincent Bagire among others.

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