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Four detained over German national's murder. Courtesy photo

Four Arrested over Murder of German National in Entebbe

posted onApril 10, 2020

By Kampala Post Reporter

Police in Entebbe have arrested four suspects in connection to the murder of a 70 year old German national, Fredrick Rudel Wener.

The four are; Danialia Jackiline, Dakanimya Eria, Jacky Atwiine Jalia and Chega Babra. The suspects, now detained at Entebbe Police Station on murder charges, are believed to have had a hand in the murder of Rudel, whose body was found abandoned in his bedroom in Entebbe on April 3, at around 6pm.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango says Rudel’s death was reported to Impala Police Station by his neighbour, Lt Jimmy Bwambale, a Uganda People’s Defence Air Force Pilot, after checking his house.

Onyango explains that the neighbour’s suspicion was aroused after one of the suspects, Chega Babra, a part time maid to the deceased, came and knocked the house gate without response. Onyango said later the deceased’s body was found in his bedroom. “It is suspected the deceased was strangled in his enclosed compound and the body later dragged to his bed room,” he explained, adding that the suspects are key in the investigations into the murder.

Rudel had stayed in Uganda for five years and was married to one of the suspects, Jalia Atwiine (Civil marriage) for about three years, but were not staying together of late.

“The Crime scene was examined by the Division CID Officer, divisional scene of crime officers and the homicide team. The body was later taken to Mulago City Mortuary pending postmortem,” Onyango said in a statement on Thursday.

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