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Jacob Oulanyah meeting delegates in Teso

Teso, Bugisu Delegates Endorse Oulanyah’s NRM CEC Bid

by KP
posted onAugust 15, 2020

National Resistance Movement delegates from Teso and Bugisu sub regions have endorsed Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s bid for Vice Chairperson, Northern Region.

In back to back meetings with delegates from the sub regions in Kumi, Ngora, Serere and Manafwa districts, Oulanyah was tasked with safeguarding party interests and working with President Museveni to revitalize party structures.

In Kumi, the delegates supported a motion by NRM National Youth League Publicity Secretary Mr Samuel Odongo, to unanimously support Oulanyah.

Mr Odongo said in the coming years, the party needs diehards who will not only support President Museveni and its agenda in and outside the Central Executive Committee, the party’s highest decision making body but also keep “the integrity of the revolution.”

“You [Oulanyah] are an NRM party diehard; we are coming into transition and we need people who will not embarrass the revolution [in Central Executive Committee],” he said.

Ms Christine Apolot, the Kumi District LCV Chairperson said the district leadership will work hard to guarantee Oulanyah’s victory.

“As the political head of the district, we shall do our best to ensure that you emerge the winner of the NRM Vice Chairperson Northern Region,” she said.

In Ngora, District Woman Representative Jacquiline Amongin (NRM, Ngora), supported Oulanyah’s bid, saying he has been instrumental in supporting the creation of the district and building its health infrastructure.

Amongin, also the Secretary General of the NRM National Women’s League, said Ngora delegates will stick with Oulanyah so that through him, they continue to lobby for health, education and infrastructure services from government.

Mr Andrew Oloya, the Resident District Commissioner, Ngora, said: ”You have been with us during all the challenges we have gone through and we shall [also ] be with you.

Oulanyah urged delegates to elect leaders who will support the party structures throughout their term in office and not just use the structures to win elections and abandon it thereafter.

He also warned delegates against leaders who go and sit in CEC, only to come out and antagonize President Museveni and the party’s position in public.

“Leaders must come, have discussions, make undertakings and account; I don’t want you to support someone who will sit in CEC and then come out to fight the president and humiliate the party,” he said.

Oulanyah told the leaders that his bid is centered on re-enegising party leaders and membership across board and building the confidence and credibility of grassroots leaders through making them take lead in the supervision of government programs in their areas. 

Oulanyah said in the party’s over 12 million membership, it has a reliable cadreship that, if harnessed, should make the coming political season an easy ride for the ruling party.

NRM votes its CEC members on August 20, 2020. Oulanyah seeks to replace former Housing State Minister Sam Engola.

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