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Namayanja Rose Nsereko

Uganda Needs Museveni's Leadership More Than Ever - Namayanja

posted onDecember 16, 2020

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party National Treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko, giving an example of recent riots, told NRM mobilizers from Kawempe Division in Kampala that they should do their best rally votes for President Museveni as the country still needs him.

‘’Many people have not understood the riots that took place in different parts of Uganda. It showed why we need Museveni more than ever before in the days ahead," the treasurer said while meeting with members of the Concerned Citizens Information Network who hail from Kyebando, Nsooba in Kawempe Division.

According to Namayanja, Uganda is built like a house that takes long to be erected but can take a short time to break. She, therefore, urged mobilizers to be careful with choices they make in the forthcoming general elections.

"We may destroy whatever we have built for ages. When you see where Museveni has brought this country from, it can be destroyed in a short time,’’ she said.

She castigated the rioters who claim to be in the struggle yet their intentions are to loot people’s merchandise on streets and rob people of their belongings. 

"These rioters have ill motives. They riot and destabilise the peace of other people. They should not involve innocent Ugandans, most especially street vendors and the business community. Others loot traders’ merchandise because they are in struggle. That is not acceptable,’’ Namayanja asserted.

She, therefore, thanked President Yoweri Museveni for promoting discipline in the army and police that are pro-people.

She said that the army can easily get destroyed by the commander-in-chief if he does not care about his people as was the case with Milton Obote and Idi Amin regimes.

"We have seen in the past during Amin’s regime and Obote, their armies were not disciplined at all. That means the commanders-in-chief did not command their armies properly. The same army can repeat the same mistakes if we get a wrong Commander-in- Chief,’’ She added.

Namayanja also gave an example of Libya in North Africa which happened to be the second-biggest economy in Africa with everything subsidized for its citizens. But currently, it is nowhere on the map of the continent.

‘’The problem was not Gaddafi, because when they removed him you saw what happened. So let us not make such a mistake.’’

Besides quelling out riots in Kampala and other parts of the country, Namayanja also applauded the security forces for wiping out organized crimes such as bijambiya squad, iron bar hitmen and women kidnapers.

She also thanked the president for delivering on his promise of installing CCTV cameras, now crime perpetrators can be tracked and arrested.

"Therefore for an effective presidency, we need a prepared leader to strengthen the achievements in place," she concluded.

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