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Rakai Woman MP Suubi Kyinyamatama addressing the media

MP Juliet Kyinyamatama Declares Bid to Unseat Kadaga as Speaker

posted onApril 7, 2021

Rakai Woman MP Juliet Suubi Kyinyamatama has declared her bid to unseat Rebecca Kadaga as Speaker of Parliament.

Kyinyamatama is the first woman legislator to declare her bid to oust fellow woman, Kadaga who has been at the helm for 10 years as Speaker and another 10years as Deputy Speaker. Kadaga is yearning for another 5year term as Speaker of the 11th Parliament amidst overwhelming pressures from her deputy, Jacob Oulanyah.

The emergence of a young and vibrant Kyinyamatama, as an independent but NRM leaning candidate is likely to pile more pressure on Kadaga who has for years been relying on the women empowerment to woo the public.

While addressing the media at Parliament on Wednesday, Kyinyamatama says that her candidature is to bring sanity, enhance accountability, foster equitable representation which has been the biggest problem of Parliament.

“It is unfortunate that MPs come to Parliament as new members and after 5years, they still leave as new members. We need a parliament which is equitable and treats members equally through a fair and just representation,” she said.

“Parliament accountability to Ugandans is wanting. I will make sure that we have quarterly updates to the people, for example bills in a particular quarter passed so that the public can know our failures and potentials. That is why we have a bad reputation in the public because they only see us when we are passing the National Budget.”

The 32year old legislator who is striving for youth inclusion in all arms of government says that if voted as Speaker, she will influence a “sizeable’ budget to cater for youth who form 77% of the total population. “The youth are the biggest majority so we need at least 50% of the budget to cater for youths to create jobs both in public and private sector,” Kyinyamatama said.

Asked if she is not afraid of contesting against Kadaga, Kyinyamatama emphatically said that her major fear is not Kadaga or any other candidate, but failing to represent well the country and the people of Rakai.

“I have no fear for any other person because when you are in parliament, you are all equals until you are voted to various positions. I am here to represent all Ugandans and not to be scared by individuals,” she said.

Kyinyamatama also decried smear campaigns, blackmail and persistent monetization of campaigns for the speakership race, saying she has no money to ‘splash’ like other candidates, but urges MPs to vote substance and disregard money. These are the major reasons why President Museveni recently suspended open campaigns for position of Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The youthful MP who was flanked by her chief campaign manager, Gyaviira Ssemwanga, also Buyamba MP-elect, says that she already has support from all regions.

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