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Amb. Kambula during the symposium

COVID-19: Experts Urge Government to Adopt Advanced Technology to Solve Education Challenges

posted onJune 9, 2021

Experts have urged government to adopt advanced technology during this COVID-19 lockdown to counter the challenges faced by the education sector. 

President Museveni on Sunday announced a shutdown on all education institutions for atleast 42 days to curb the spread of the new deadly wave of Coronavirus. 

During a virtual National Development Symposium organized by the Global Foundation Uganda Peace, Ambassador Milton Kambula in conjunction with Makerere University Business School (MUBs), the Vice President, Education Division, Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Tony Devine called for urgent need for teachers and parents to be empowered to become great innovators and live to current changes in technology.

“Parents and Teachers are the strongest influence to students, they should help them build the will and ability to positively influence their own lives,” Dr. Tony Devine said. 

The symposium was organized under the them; “One Family under God: Peace and Socio-Economic Development critical for securing Uganda's future."

According to Amb. Kambula, the main objective of the symposium was to launch a joint response and commitment to transform education, economy, as well as strengthen culture of peace, service, moral and innovative leadership for social-economic development. 

“The event has brought stakeholders to find a way of how education can continue in homes despite the closure of education institutions. This convening has discussed innovative ways of how parents must become the teachers so that the students can go on and implement what they learnt like in business, agriculture and innovation,” Kambula said.

He added that the other object was to build consensus towards the implementation of critical innovations in business and entrepreneurship, we were able to learn that the economy must continue to grow amidst Covid.

While delivering a keynote address during the virtual symposium, Prof Waswa Balunywa, the Principal of MUBS noted that the country’s education sector has been greatly impacted by the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic which advances the need for a paradigm shift in the planning for the sector.

“If we are to improve the country’s education, there is need for a comprehensive review of the system aligning it to the technological changes across the globe,” Balunywa said.

He advised that Primary Education should involve elementary technological skills while Secondary education should have more technical and vocational education.

“Higher education should reflect the theoretical perspectives of the future primarily the innovations that may come, reflect the need for creativity and innovation in the key sectors of the economy, establish technological universities to translate ideas into products,” Balunywa noted.

The Patron Global Peace Women Uganda, Dr. Maggie Kigozi urged parents to create a conducive environment for the children while with them at home.

“This is a call to all our dear parents to offer the necessary help to the children who have been returned home; create an environment that will save our young girls from being prone to sexual abuse which may lead to unwanted pregnancies and dropping out of school,” Dr. Kigozi said.  

During the same symposium, Dr. Grace Baguma, the Director of the National Curriculum Development Centre was awarded for leading a panel of experts to transform the lower education curriculum which is believed to cause a positive change within the education sectors.

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