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Juuza Akameeza promotion

Shell to Spend Shs600m on Supporting Motorists in New Drive

posted onAugust 11, 2021

Vivo Energy Uganda has announced the return of the Juuza Akameeza promotion, where motorists countrywide will be rewarded with prizes worth Shs600 million.

To participate, motorists will have to purchase Shell FuelSave Diesel worth Shs50,000 or more to enter into a grand draw.

The prizes up for grabs include two Toyota Hiace (Drone) vans, two Elf trucks, monthly prizes of fuel worth Shs1 million each for 20 winners (5 winners per month), t-shirts, caps, keyrings and assorted food supplies popularly known as ‘Kameeza'.

Over 25,000 drivers will be rewarded over the next four months.

“The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions to control the spread of the disease have had a severe socio-economic impact, particularly for commercial drivers who rely on their vehicles as a source of livelihood. Through this campaign, we would like to ease the financial burden brought about by the pandemic and help them get back on their feet faster. The prizes have been chosen to provide our customers with the opportunity to transform their lives by becoming business owners through owning these vehicles, which can be used for commercial purposes,” said Moses Kebba, Marketing Manager, Vivo Energy Uganda.

Motorists who purchase Shell FuelSave Diesel worth Shs50,000 or more at any Shell service station will be asked by the pump attendant to share their phone number and number plate to enter into the draw to stand a chance to win any of the grand prizes.

The customer will then receive an SMS with a token that can be used to redeem instant prizes.

Customers will incur no charges to participate and SMS texts will be sent via AFRICASTKNG.

“Shell FuelSave Diesel is a high-quality fuel, designed to deliver more value to motorists and reduce their operational costs so they can have more money left over for themselves and their families. In addition to the grand prizes, we will also have instant rewards ─ dubbed ‘Akameeza’ prizes ─ which will see over 18,000 customers win assorted food supplies,” Kebba added.


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