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 Minister Ogwang Orders for Arrest of Kiryandongo Town Clerk Over Corruption

Minister Ogwang Orders for Arrest of Kiryandongo Town Clerk Over Corruption

posted onSeptember 18, 2021

The Minister of State for Economic Monitoring Peter Ogwang has ordered for the arrest of the Town Clerk of Kiryandongo, Rubben Manigamukama over allegations of corruption. 

Ogwang and Bunyoro Affairs minister Janepher Namuyangu were in Kiryandongo District on Saturday to monitor the implementation of Central and Local Government projects.
The two Ministers accompanied by District leaders visited several central and Local government projects to ascertain value for money. 

During the tour, Minister Ogwang unearthed mismanagement of funds meant for the construction of the Kiryandongo Administration Block. The building valued at Shs1.966bn has stalled since 2015 despite government injecting about Shs520million. 

It emerged that the Town Clerk, Manigamukama irregularly diverted part of the money (Shs200m) to lease the land where the building is erected.

Minister Namuyangu pinned the Town Clerk for fraudulently using parts of the funds for land acquisition, saying funds for land acquisition are got from the local revenue. 

Minister Ogwang handed over the Town Clerk and other officials to CID Police to aid into the investigations. 

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