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Buliisa District Engineer, Maurice Wakame

Buliisa CAO, 3 Others Under Probe over Shs173m Borehole Project

posted onSeptember 22, 2021

The State Minister for Economic Monitoring Peter Ogwang has ordered for the arrest of Buliisa Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Simon Bimbona and 3 others over the Shs173.2m borehole project.

During a fact-finding mission to monitor the implementation of Government Projects in Buliisa District, Minister Ogwang who was flanked by Bunyoro Affairs minister Janepher Namuyangu, observed that whereas Shs173.2m was released for the drilling of 6 new boreholes, only one borehole could be traced.

In their district performance report, the CAO Bimbona convinced the ministers how the district had drilled 6 new boreholes in various Sub counties in Buliisa. However, when Minister Ogwang demanded that they visit those boreholes, the District Engineer, Wakame Maurice started playing cats and mouse game.

Minister Ogwang pumps a malfunctioning borehole as the Buliisa Engineer, Maurice Wakame (R) looks on
Minister Ogwang pumps a malfunctioning borehole as the Buliisa Engineer, Maurice Wakame (R) looks on

When the Minister insisted to visit the boreholes, shame descended down the district officials as they could only show 1 borehole out of the 6 boreholes that was planned and budgeted for. Two of the drilled boreholes malfunctioned just after one month while three others were non-existent. The Shs173.2m borehole project was awarded to Icon Projects Limited and all the monies paid. The CAO was handed over to CID Police to record a statement.

Other districts officers who have been arrested include; Arthur Kibaretende, Chief Finance Officer, District Engineer, Wakame and Mpagi William, District Internal Auditor, for clearing payments without due diligence on the existence of the boreholes. The suspects were handed to Buliisa DPC SP John Mwaule.

Ogwang said that the district officers attempted to fool them around in a bid to dodge showing them the borehole projects.

"President Museveni is not the problem. These civil servants are the problem. The people of Buliisa have a challenge of access to clean and safe water, unfortunately, our civil servants receive the funds and swindle it with impunity. We are going to deal with such officers and ensure they are prosecuted," Ogwang said.

Ogwang has been in Bunyoro Subregion monitoring various central and Local government projects. While in Buliisa, Ogwang and Namuyangu arrived at the District Headquarters as early as 8am. But the District officers arrived for the meeting at 9.30am.

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