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VP Alupo (L) interacting with Gen David Muhoozi, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs

Cabinet Induction: VP Alupo Calls for Teamwork from Ministers

posted onOctober 14, 2021

The Vice President Jessica Alupo has called for cohesion and teamwork from Ministers if they are to champion Socio-Economic Transformation and move the country to a middle income status.

Alupo was yesterday speaking at the opening induction retreat for the newly appointed members of Cabinet at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds. The two day cabinet induction retreat was organized to arm Ministers with information and knowledge to help them discharge their duties.

“Let’s work as a team amongst ourselves as Cabinet colleagues but also with technical people. Above all, let’s be accountable for our actions and how we spend our time,” she said. “In the discharge of your duties, consult the technical people especially the Permanent Secretary. And in case of lack of a harmonized position in a strategic decision on a fundamental matter, please consult further with the Prime Minister, Vice President and H. E. the President.”

In her address, Alupo tasked the Ministers to work hand in hand to furnish the public with policies of Government, especially the flagship programmes like; U.P.E, U.S.E., Parish development model, Emyooga Programmes, Health Programmes etc. She also tasked the Cabinet to work together to expeditiously execute the 23 strategic directives issued by H. E. the President in the commencement of this Cabinet.

“We should put keen interest on all service delivery programmes to our people, and, ensure import substitution and export promotion and give priority to industrialization and promote the private sector as this will help us strengthen our economy but also create jobs for our people,” Alupo said.

She also asked Ministers who represent Constituencies to balance your schedules, in Cabinet, Parliament, office and Constituency if they are to remain relevant in the political sphere. President Yoweri Museveni is today expected to official close the induction retreat.

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