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NWSC Boosts Water Supply in Sembabule

posted onOctober 19, 2021

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) announced the completion of the Water Supply Improvement Project that will boost service delivery in Sembabule town and the surrounding areas.

According to the Corporation, when it took over Sembabule water supply operations in April 2016, the existing system was inadequate and needed to be revamped to improve supply in the water-stressed areas and meet the growing demand for services in the district at large.

In addition to the inadequate water produced, the existing systems experienced frequent pipe bursts, system vandalism among other challenges.

To address the above challenges, NWSC,  in the FY 2018/19 initiated a project for the improvement of water supply services in Sembabule. 

Detailed designs were undertaken, on the basis of which the construction works commenced in August 2020. The project was financed using internally generated resources.


The construction works have been completed in a space of one year, and the plant is now fully operational. 

The newly completed project has a production capacity of 3million liters of water per day. This is sufficient to meet the water supply needs of Sembabule and the surrounding areas up to the year 2040. 

The old plant was supplying about 300,000 liters per day. 

Project Scope:

As part of the project works, a new 1million liters/ day capacity tank, 3 booster stations, 3 new 100,000-liter capacity tanks, over 70km of pipelines, and a new administration office, among others, have been constructed.

With the new infrastructure, water supply reliability for over 170,000 residents of Sembabule Town, Lwebitakuli, Miteete, Mateete, Kabundi, Lutunku, Kyabi, Bisheshe, Lugushulu, among others, is now guaranteed.

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