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17 Reasons why Nurses have joined the Compassionate Capitalism Revolution

posted onDecember 6, 2021

Black Wall Street-led Compassionate Capitalism revolution has swept away nurses across the African continent into a new healthcare system that promotes the ethics of compassionate capitalism in bottom-up economic empowerment. Despite being the critical labour force in a $14 billion dollars healthcare industry, nurses in Africa bear the brunt of the hardship.

Here are the 17 reasons the African nurses have given as their reasons to dump the current hospital-based healthcare system to the home-based care introduced by Black Wall Street through the first-ever nursing brand in Africa known as XVVIP. 

1)    Poor Wages: Just like the police and teachers, critical workers that maintain and build societies are abandoned in Africa. Nurses’ wages in Africa range from $40 to $80 per month which includes their transport to work and catering for lunch compared to a government legislator who takes home $10,000 per month in basic salary. XVVIP starts entry-level salary at $150per month. 

2)    Zero Facilitation: Nurses across Africa do not receive any kind of facilitation to do their jobs be it in transportation to and from work, lunch while at work, or support in uniforms laundering. You are left feeling completely on your own. XVVIP provides transport, airtime, lunch, and uniforms to its nurses regularly.

charles n lambert
The king of the BWS and leader of Africa's First Economic War for Economic Independence, Charles N Lambert

3)    Long Hours: The amount of hours required in a shift from a nurse is simply too much. Nurses work 12-15 hour days which leaves them with absolutely no enthusiasm for the job they love to do. XVVIP nurses only work 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. 

4)    No Benefits: A job should offer benefits such as pension plans, retirement plans, and the likes. 80% plus of African nurses do not have any benefits attached to their jobs and the few that have from governments are a nightmare to claim. XVVIP Nurses have pensions, retirement, and investment plans as part of their job benefits.

5)    Poor Working Conditions: The desire to maximize profits by those in the upper management of the healthcare system in Africa makes them avoid spending money on cleaners and instead try to also use the nurses for cleaning giving the nurses very poor working conditions. XVVIP Nurses work mostly in the comfort of clients’ homes. 

The BWS logo

6)    Poor Training: Nursing training in Africa is very poor with too much focus on theory and poor practical understanding. XVVIP Nurses are trained through the Practical Business Management Institute of the BWS ensuring technical impartation of skills. 

7)    NO guarantee of wages: Despite the very low wages offered to nurses, it is still very difficult to come by. Nurses wait months to get their salary regardless of if they work for the government or private sectors. This is because they depend on patient payments to pay the nurses apart from the obvious greed and embezzlement. XVVIP Nurses are paid through the entire economic operations of the compassionate capitalism revolution.

8)    No More Cash Payment for Healthcare in Africa: The Compassionate Capitalism revolution has erased the payment of cash for healthcare in Africa by offering Investment Points as the replacement. 

9)    Emphasis on Public Health Education: In the current hospital-based system, nurses are hardly involved in any aspect of public health education because the system is reactive and not proactive. XVVIP Nurses focus on health education tailored by the Compassionate Capitalism healthcare App so clients are informed on diseases better helping for better management and less worry. 

10)    Focus on Herbal Remedies: Issuing synthetic drugs to their fellow Africans knowing the side effects is something that makes nurses feel very bad.  XVVIP nurses are trained to offer natural remedies and true healing to ailments using zero side effects treatments derived from African herbs.

11)    No improvement in Self-care/Living Standards: In Africa, there is no increase in living standards or improvement in self-care coming through the impact of their jobs as nurses on their lives. Nursing jobs don’t provide any means to even participate in the digital world as most cannot afford smartphones or data costs. XVVIP nurses have new smartphones every 18 months and data/airtime from the Black Wall Street Platform.

12)    Inadequate Staffing in Hospitals: The basic ethos of capitalism is the maximization of profits and hospitals and healthcare facilities in Africa are champions of this approach to life and business. This accounts for why nurses work three peoples’ shifts in one shift at the least. XVVIP nurses attend to only One Client at a TIME. 

13)    No advancement or Job Mobility: Promotion and career advancement is totally non-starter in the Africa nursing world. You are stuck in the same rot for decades. There is no motivation to improve yourself because it gets you nowhere. XVVIP Nurses have countless opportunities for growth in leadership and caregiving. 

14)    No Job Satisfaction: Doctors take all the credit in the current healthcare system with absolutely any sense of involvement given to nurses leading to absolutely no job satisfaction among nurses. XVVIP Nurses are directly involved with clients' health from the very beginning guided by the 7 functions Parameters of the XVVIP Nurses. This is why XVVIP nurses have more than 10,000% job satisfaction over nurses in the hospital-based healthcare system. 

redirect mall
Redirect Mall logo

15)    Corruption and Discrimination in the Health system: There have been too many complaints about the level of corruption and discrimination in the health care sector in Africa for decades. This impedes nurses in so many ways from lack of access to resources, to promotion, to advancements, or to leadership. XVVIP nursing is 100% based on systems processing of a nurse's economic Value derived from certificates to earn and labour capacity reviews leaving no room for any corruption or discrimination.

16)    High Cost of Training: The cost of attending a good nursing school in Africa is very expensive for those who actually see nursing as a dignified career path. XVVIP enjoys the access to Practical Business Management Institute of the BWS for high quality, low-cost training with access to educational capital when required 

17)    Public Disregard of Nurses: Nurses in Africa are generally disregarded and perceived as a low class by the public. They are generally viewed as the Doctors maid. XVVIP Nurses interface with clients, educate them and guide them without the presence of any doctor so they are viewed with higher regard by the public and are guaranteed to own a car within 2 years of employment so the public never consider them as low class. 

The XVVIP revolutionary nursing brand from the Black Wall Street created by the innovator  King of the BWS, Charles N. Lambert has definitely shown the difference between a capitalist hospital-based health system and the home-based compassionate capitalism system for nurses and they are definitely now jumping ship in very large numbers.
 Africa’s deliverance in 28 sectors through compassionate capitalism has definitely begun in healthcare.

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