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Allan kanyike

The Life and Times of Kampala Socialite Allan Kanyike

posted onDecember 23, 2022

Kampala city socialite certified party Allan Gerald Kanyike, also known as Dynamite has passed on yesterday and it is reported he succumbed to brain hemorrhage.

Kanyike has been a popular figure in Kampala city, reportedly partying six days a week. 

Wherever there is good music and good company, he was there. Kanyike partied like a man 20 years younger and worked as hard.

He hit the social scene close to twenty years ago upon returning from the United Kingdom where his family lives. 

Kanyike who had a unique dance style boasted of a successful real estate management career and investing wisely in Uganda before he could retire.

He was a regular at several hangout spots in Kampala and was a lover of live band music. Kanyike was probably the oldest person you would find on the dance floor enjoying himself with his unique ‘vibe’. 

“Music is in my blood. I was born a happy man and music has made me a happier man,” he told Daily Monitor news paper years ago.

Those who have met him at city hangouts will agree that he was a friendly person who would introduce himself to a stranger before giving them a tight hug, sometimes telling his new friend to put his name in google to find out more about him. 

Despite being in retirement at the time of his deat, Kanyike was director at two companies that he established in Uganda before leaving the UK where he spent most of his adult life working.

His companies were Weltmax Engineering Services and IH Grand Logistics Limited, a customs clearing firm. 

He reportedly built his business much from experience he gained over the years as a real estate manager of some 40 properties for Queen Bridge Management in London for the 30 years he lived in United Kingdom (UK). 

He also worked at the Covent Garden Exhibition Centre. His former employer, Arnold Perl, described Kanyike as honest, sober and reliable in a chat with Daily Monitor newspaper.

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