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MAAD McCANN Revolutionizing Creative Industry through Portfolio Review

The quarterly portfolio review is an initiative by MAAD McCANN aimed at bridging the gap between education and real-world skills.
posted onJuly 6, 2023

On Saturday, July 1, MAAD McCANN, a renowned advertising agency gathered a number of creatives to have their portfolios reviewed under the theme 'IRON SHARPENS IRON'. 

The quarterly portfolio review is an initiative by MAAD McCANN aimed at bridging the gap between education and real-world skills. The program, designed to empower aspiring visual artists, designers, photographers, scriptwriters and creatives, has garnered significant attention and acclaim, revolutionizing the way talent is nurtured in the competitive field.

The program gathered continuing students as well as people who are already in the work space for the job market who were assisted in crafting outstanding portfolios by a team at MAAD McCANN. These participants varied greatly in demeanor and disposition, ranging from initially timid and apprehensive to ultimately bold, vocal, and resolute.

Peter Kazibwe, Creative Director at MAAD McCANN said, “This is a free program that targets finalists and graduates from institutions of higher learning as well as those that are already in the industry. Our aim is to help creatives sharpen their craft, be on track and direct them on our best to package themselves for where they want to employed. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone with a passion for creativity to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity."


With the program's inception in 2016, MAAD McCANN responded to the pressing need to address the disparity between skills taught in traditional educational institutions and those required to succeed in the ever-evolving creative landscape. 

By harnessing the expertise of seasoned professionals in the field, the creatives at MAAD McCANN ensured that participants receive invaluable critique, constructive feedback, and insider tips and tricks to enhance their portfolios and stand out among their peers.

One of the participants, Jerome Bayita, a freelance creative, said that this program gave him a space to pick inspiration from all the other creatives as much as it put a lot of pressure on him to do better work and make his portfolio perfect in preparation for the job market. 

Through providing a platform for other creatives to showcase their passion, creativity, and dedication, the agency ensures that it has the time and the team to help sharpen their minds and shape their futures.

“In 2016, as a student, I participated in the mentorship program. Under the guidance of the team, I honed my creative skills. This investment in my development paid off in 2019 when a job opening arose at the same agency. Armed with the invaluable experience gained from the program, I confidently and successfully competed for the position, ultimately securing employment," Benard Okello, MAAD McCANN Graphics Designer, testifies. 

The success of the portfolio review program serves as a testament to the agency's commitment to nurturing talent and propelling the creative industry forward. By offering constructive feedback, invaluable mentorship, and fostering a supportive community, the agency has become a catalyst for the growth and success of aspiring creatives.

'IRON SHARPENS IRON' is a quarterly Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) initiative by MAAD McCANN, aiming to give back to society and nurture future creatives in the industry. Since 2016, the portfolio review has attracted over 70 aspiring creatives seeking to enhance their abilities and shape their destinies.

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