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Doreen Mirembe

OPINION: We shouldn't Overlook the Return of Local Shows

In this evolving landscape, local filmmakers and actors have started to gain recognition for their work, drawing attention not only from the local audience but also on a broader scale.
posted onOctober 31, 2023

By Doreen Mirembe

Uganda's film industry is experiencing a resurgence, marking a significant departure from years of watching neighboring countries' industries thrive. Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable surge in the consumption and appreciation of locally produced TV shows and films. This new-found recognition has started to extend to many actors and actresses who have poured their dedication into their craft.

A significant factor contributing to this transformation has been the unwavering commitment and diligence of various industry stakeholders, who have strived to elevate the standards of storytelling within the nation. This positive shift can be largely attributed to the meticulous approach taken by Pay TV providers like MultiChoice Uganda. Five years ago, MultiChoice boldly opened its doors to Pearl Magic, a TV channel explicitly designed to serve as a platform for local content to flourish.

This platform aimed to provide a home for local storytellers, enabling them to showcase Uganda through ambitious and compelling projects that would go beyond the borders of the country. In this evolving landscape, local filmmakers and actors have started to gain recognition for their work, drawing attention not only from the local audience but also on a broader scale. The foundation laid through their local content channels has played a pivotal role in giving a voice to the rich allure of Ugandan stories, introducing them to a global audience.

It has brought about a new era in Ugandan storytelling, allowing the nation to be seen and heard far beyond its geographical confines! These new shows, with their fresh and engaging content, have become a platform for rising stars to shine. They have captivated audiences and sparked a level of excitement that was reminiscent of the golden era of Ugandan television.

The enthusiasm and passion exhibited by the viewers take us back to a time when iconic shows like 'Bibaawo' and 'That’s Life Mwattu' had the remarkable ability to unify Ugandans. In essence, these contemporary shows are not only entertaining but also significant in reviving a collective sense of joy and unity among Ugandans. They serve as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and its potential to transcend generations, connecting people through the shared experience of television entertainment. What's intriguing is that Sam Bagenda, a familiar face from the iconic shows "Bibaawo" and "That’s Life Mwattu," somewhat made a comeback in the world of Ugandan television. His return on the screens through a production on Pearl Magic, "Urban Life,” after several years in the theatre space was a welcome development for fans who remember Bagenda's contributions to the golden age of Ugandan television. In contrast, many young local talents had been overshadowed or neglected due to the overwhelming popularity of Western and Nigerian content.

This shift in focus towards international productions led to the underrepresentation of local talent. However, with initiatives like Pearl Magic several film talents both existing and budding including children have emerged, proving that indeed the Ugandan film industry is one of great potential with talents and individuals hungry to prove their worth. There's hope for a revitalization of the Ugandan entertainment industry with the potential to create a platform for young, homegrown stars to shine and reclaim their place in the hearts of Ugandan audiences.

The author is the producer of DamaLie, a local TV show

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