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Gen. Kainerugaba, Chinese Ambassador Discuss Strengthening Uganda-China Ties

posted onNovember 11, 2023

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations (SPA/SO), held discussions on bilateral cooperation between Uganda and China during a dinner hosted by the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Zhang Lizhong. The meeting took place at the Chinese Embassy, also the official residence of the ambassador in Kololo on Friday. 

Ambassador Zhang Lizhong reiterated his commitment to enhancing the bilateral ties between China and Uganda, focusing on increasing opportunities in trade, commerce, cultural collaboration, and people-to-people exchanges. He is dedicated to advancing the enduring relationship between the two nations.


General Muhoozi emphasized the historical friendship between China and Uganda, expressing his strong interest in further strengthening this bond.

He expressed a desire to leverage China’s market and development path to boost local tourism, facilitate valuable training exchanges, and contribute to economic development through joint efforts. General Muhoozi's forward-thinking approach resonates with the shared history of friendship between China and Uganda for the mutual benefit of both nations.


The leaders engaged in an open and productive conversation, affirming and deepening the relations between the two nations. As a gesture of goodwill and friendship, Gen. Kainerugaba presented the ambassador with a copy of the book "Experience Uganda," featuring various tourist attractions in the country. In return, Ambassador Zhang Lizhong graciously gifted Gen. Kainerugaba with the latest book by Chinese President Xi Jinping titled "Governing China."


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