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Flavia Lwanga 

OPINION: Automating Internal Processes Enhances Employee Productivity and Drives Business Growth

posted onMay 3, 2024

By Flavia Lwanga 

Imagine conducting a performance review of over 1,000 employees, and maintaining their performance records manually for reference, this can be a daunting task that not only strains resources but also the task force that manages the process.

We can’t deny the fact that this is the single most important business process that shades light on business progress as well as employee progress, and supports with important decisions such as Strategic direction of a business, decisions on Talent, among others.

Hence, automating internal processes is not an option, but a solution that an organization needs to integrate into its day-to-day operations if they are to enhance employee productivity drive business growth.

Whereas it brought forth numerous disruptions that slowed most economies from what they would have been today, the novel COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise. During the lockdown, employees were required to work remotely, a concept that was foreign to many and up-to-date most organizations have not fully embraced remote working because of the technicalities involved in some processes that require on-site executions.

The pandemic tested various organizations especially their agility and ability to adapt to uncertainties like virtual engagements, and launches, among other processes that would foster business continuity amidst what the world was grappling with then. Presently, organizations have adjusted their operations and most processes have been automated.

Today, recruitment for new employees can be conducted online with less or no physical meetings, planning meetings can be held virtually with the aid of tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, among many others that support communication.

For multinationals, teams don’t have to travel often especially if the project team can have virtual engagements to align on key deliverables. Being a key aspect that fuels internal comms, Human Resource (HR) leads should constantly train staff to effectively use these advanced tools as well as enhance their tech prowess to improve their efficiency.

Upskilling is a norm in today's employment space because it empowers staff to continuously grow in their current roles whilst being groomed to take on future roles or to rather master their current area of expertise. With the help of technology, one can undertake two or more short online courses or learn a skill that can complement their current job requirement.

The task then falls on the Employee, Line Manager and HR to identify suitable courses that employees can consider to learn additional skills that will boost their productivity. With an automated system, it becomes easier to conduct appraisals and review staff on key parameters like learning and growth, innovation, and sustainability, among others that might be pertinent to the business.

Internal communication which is a key catalyst for transmitting organization culture and echoing company values to both new and existing staff, and an e-newsletter publication is an example of automating communication where previously one would print a physical copy which would use more resources. With technology's influence on almost everything, policymakers should amend some policies to reflect the current times.

Some entities have not fully embraced remote working, automation of performance appraisals, and other activities that can be transitioned from being conducted manually to being implemented with the assistance of online tools so that it is easier to fast-track progress where one can just click a button on their laptop or gadget to access information or execute a certain task in real-time.

Technology will continue to advance and it is upon us to fully explore it and tap into the numerous opportunities it presents not only for HR but other sectors that influence development.

Telecoms have diversified their service and product portfolio to design services and products that aid remote working, learning, and growth, among others, thus individuals and organizations alike must tap into these opportunities.


 The writer is the human resource director at Airtel Uganda 

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