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Speaker Anita Among

Speaker Among to Suspend Absentee MPs

by Max Pat
posted onNovember 2, 2022

Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Anita Among has on Wednesday afternoon issued a stringent warning to Legislators who dodge plenary sittings. She regarded to the act as ‘misuse’ of tax payers’ money that is spent on salaries to the members, yet they continuously abscond  from duty.

MP Zaake Exposed his Hypocrisy in Rejection of Speaker’s Wedding Gift

posted onSeptember 15, 2022
by Max Pat

By Arnold Arinaitwe


It was September 09th 2022 that the Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake and his wife Bridget Namirembe tied the knot at St. Noah Mawaggali Cathedral, in Kiyinda-Mityana and later their reception at Gombolola grounds attended by dignitaries turned into a political stunt!

Politicians across the political divide in Uganda save for a few NRM members of parliament, dignitaries from Buganda kingdom attended Zaake’s wedding reception that has raised serious questions to the fate of political maturity in Uganda.