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Inside Bobi Wine’s Crass Opportunism in Ziggy Wyne’s Death

posted onAugust 14, 2019

By Andrew M. Mwenda

Last week, it became apparent that the initial news that a one Michael [K]alinda aka Ziggy Wyne had been kidnapped, eye yanked out, fingers chopped off and face burnt using a flat iron were exactly that – a hoax. Ziggy had a nasty motorbike accident at 7.30pm on July 21. People around the accident scene picked him up and took him to the nearby Hope Clinic. The nurse at the clinic referred him to Mulago for urgent medical attention.

Why President Museveni's Wealth Creation Campaign Should be Fully Embraced

posted onAugust 6, 2019

By Moses Watasa

In the hugely insightful book, “Sowing the Mustard Seed”, Second Edition, page 317, President Museveni opines that; “Many families are simply bystanders as far as modern living is concerned. They only produce food for eating. Yet their needs are food and non-food needs. It is this situation that contributes to the problem of poverty in the villages”. 

OPINION: Cooperators in Uganda are a force to reckon with.

posted onJuly 8, 2019

By Kainomugisha Carol
On 6th July 2019, cooperators all over the world gathered to celebrate the 96th International Day of Cooperatives under the theme “COOP 4 DECENT WORK”. The day is always celebrated every 1st Saturday of July which marks a centenary of the formation of the International Cooperatives Alliance.

OPINION: Minister for Lands should urgently give a report on Rwamucucu Market Land

posted onMay 21, 2019

Government of Uganda has undertaken a series of animated legal and policy reforms in regard to property rights and resource governance since 1995, with the intention of bringing about fundamental reforms in rights, tenure management and control of land. Uganda’s Constitution (1995) and the Land Act (1998) redefined land rights and attempted to resolve old conflicts by providing an institutionalized framework for land management with decentralization as a key feature of that framework.